Friday 29 January 2021

Scavenger Photo Hunt - January 🏠

  Welcome to the 4th Friday of the January Scavenger Photo Hunt from Katie @I live, I love, I craft, I am me.... This week, it's...

My own choice...
No explanation really necessary, it's whatever you feel like!
This week I've chosen my craft room and some of what's in there.

Not one, but two Baby Yodas! Gman1 gave me the big one with the bright and shiny eyes and my dear chosen sister, Kerri, gave me the little guy. Too cute, I love them both.

Here are my needle minders, although it's a little hard to use them when I'm stitching something small or rolled up like I usually do.
The Carolyn one in the middle is a tribute to a fellow stitcher I met at a retreat in 2019. She passed away in October from ALS and this was made in memory of her.

Here are Ming and Maximus, nice and comfy, and hiding away from Chewie!

And here he sits waiting for them, outside of the door since he's not allowed in.

I've added to my Toy Story collection with some of the newer characters, I don't think I can fit anymore.

My window is the perfect sun spot for M and M in the mornings, especially in the summer. Not so much now, it's a little chilly out there. And hey, we're "supposed" to be getting significant snow Sunday - Tuesday. I'll believe it when I see it... faith in the flakes!

You never know who will show up to keep you company in there!

Be sure to check out what other have chosen for themselves.
I'm still behind on responding to comments, but I do appreciate them all. Maybe if we get snowed in I'll get to them?!

Friday 22 January 2021

Scavenger Photo Hunt - January 🌚

 Welcome to the 3rd Friday of the January Scavenger Photo Hunt from Katie @I live, I love, I craft, I am me.... This week, the word is...


The moon is described as the natural satellite of the earth, visible (chiefly at night) by reflected light from the sun.

Ah, the moon, one of my favourite things to look at and take photos of. There was no way I could pick just one, so get ready for the parade.

This was taken at Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland, at a friend's summer party. This bear looks like he's having fun!

Taken at our house in the front yard.

January 2019, the Super Blood Wolf Moon, taken at home.

This was two years ago during a December getaway in Pennsylvania.

I have no idea when this was taken, probably at home.

The Wolf Moon, January 2017.

That speck is the moon at Deep Creek again, this time at the family house.

This was taken in Dubai when I was lucky enough to go with my DH for a work event in 2015, we considered it our 20th anniversary celebration.

This was taken at a house we rented at Topsail Beach in North Carolina. The house was named Moondance, how appropriate!

I have no idea where this was taken, maybe our house?

Our Halloween ghost peeking out of Nathan's window, he loves the moon too!

Another one at Deep Creek Lake.

The National Christmas Tree in DC in 2010, with the moon in the background.

I went to see the New Orleans Saints beat the Baltimore Ravens in 2018, it was a beautiful night for the moon to be out. This was taken as it was next to the scoreboard.

As for stitching, here's a variety of moons for you.

My last parting moon photo was taken last night, the full moon isn't until next Thursday.

I hope you're not tired of the moon yet, there's still more to see!
Please go take a look at the others, I'm looking forward to seeing where else the moon has been.

Friday 15 January 2021

Scavenger Photo Hunt - January 🆕🧁

Welcome to the 2nd Friday of the January Scavenger Photo Hunt from Katie @I live, I love, I craft, I am me.... This week, the word is...


A gift is defined as not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.

This is a thread organizer and cutter that I asked for at Christmas, which DH got for me. As you can see, it's also a needle holder (on the upper left.)
Also included are two NEW kits.

It makes it so much easier to find the right colour when stitching, especially the Mill Hill kits which can have lots of floss and very similar colours. I organized them according the the colour list on the chart and didn't need to label them.

It was a big help when I started stitching this one on the 1st.

If you remember last month's word, gift, my dear Cori gifted us cupcakes for the new year. Well, she beat me to it this week and gave us these three NEW cupcake flavours to try.
Upper left is Java Jolt, upper right Brownie Sundae, and the middle is Strawberry Crumb. DH had the java, Nathan the brownie, and I had the strawberry. We all shared and I'm glad I had the strawberry! But maybe more than a bite of the others could have changed my mind?

Make sure and see the other posts for NEW this week.
Next week's word is Moon, I'm so ready for that one!

Friday 8 January 2021

Scavenger Photo Hunt - January 🎁

Welcome to January and to the Scavenger Photo Hunt from Katie @I live, I love, I craft, I am me.... This month she is giving us a weekly word and this week's word is... 


A gift is defined as a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present.
I love giving gifts to friends, either something I've made especially for them, or coming across something I think they would like. They're nice to receive too!
Here is just a small sample of things I've made and given to friends.

I made this for a dear friend who was going through breast cancer and was going to have surgery. I placed it on an Altoids tin, decorated the rest of it, and added note paper inside to write on.

I made this for another friend who turned 50 a few years ago, she is known for her "crack" cookies!

I just stitched this ornament for my chosen sister, Cori, she loves nutcrackers! I didn't see any need to include the year, I'm sure it won't be forgotten. 😞

I also like to make scissor fobs and jewelry.
This fob was for an exchange, and the earrings were for the team Moms and cheerleaders when the Gmen played football in high school. 

When the mood strikes me, I enjoy making cards. I made these for Valentine's Day last year and included a flavoured tea packet inside. Who doesn't like snail mail with a treat?

This was a fun gift to give my DH. I gave it to him for his birthday in July so he could wear it Christmas Eve while we were watching Christmas Vacation!

I received these goodies from DH for Christmas this past year, he actually wrapped the monthly patterns individually!

Cori and I seem to tag team each other with gifting speciality cupcakes from our favourite bakery, yum! She bought these for us to share in December. Looks like my turn this month, unless she beats me to it!

I also consider my family treasured gifts, as crazy as they can be sometimes!

And what would I do without these most fabulous gifts, my dear friends/chosen sisters?! This was from my surprise 50th birthday girls gathering.

I hope you've enjoyed my gifts, now I need to go see what the others have posted.
Have you taken a look already or maybe joining in this year?

And as always, thank you for your comments if I can't thank you directly. 🥰

Saturday 2 January 2021

Spike and Scotch, the month flew by! 🌠

This is a little late and a bit of a jumble, but here are the rest of Spike and Scotch's days with us.

On day eight, Spike was so happy to see his girl Dolly again, and Spike was having fun with Charlie.

On day nine, they found the Star Wars gummies and decided to enjoy them. And hey, Baby Yoda was eating a frog!

On day ten, they chilled with Gman1's Mandalorian legos.

On day eleven, they wandered to the basement and chatted with Nathan's Star Wars creations.

On day twelve, they got into the sock advent box and pulled all the socks out to pick their favourites.

On day thirteen, they pulled out Nathan's annuals to have a day of reading.

On day fourteen, they shared some of the socks with their friends.

On day fifteen, they went back upstairs to Gman1's room to see Bobba Fett. 

On day sixteen, it finally snowed! Sadly, it also rained later so the snow was a bit crunchy and slick. But they had their shovels ready to help out if needed.

On day seventeen, they wanted to play outside even though it was icy.

On day eighteen, they had enough of the cold and were already thinking about the beach.

On day nineteen, they gave Nathan a mini Baby Yoda, complete with bowl and frog!

On day twenty, they pulled out the red fabric to make Nathan a new mask for school.

On day twenty one, they found Nathan's Jurassic Park Legos, big mistake!

On day twenty two, they got away from the dinosaur and found the right Legos!

On day twenty three, they thought Nathan needed a Bobba Fett face mask and now all the boys want one! 

On day twenty four, they joined the gnomes and "grew" beards! 

And on Christmas Day, Gman1 gave me this Baby Yoda which they thought they could get a ride with. Um, he's living in my craft room so he won't be going anywhere!

Who knows what next December will bring, Nathan certainly wasn't as interested this year. I think Spike and Scotch hung around for me this Christmas! Maybe I should teach them to stitch for me, that should keep them busy.

Oh, why do they have to grow up so fast?!
Nathan that is, not Spike.