Friday 30 September 2022

September's Shenanigans 😜

September is almost over and I haven't posted anything... yet!

This was actually at the end of August, Nathan heading into 10th grade. Big change from kindergarten! 

Labour Day had us heading to the lake, first time in years. DH and I went earlier in the day on our own with the others coming that evening. We had a nice pit stop for lunch, visited my Dad, aired out the house and then went shopping - a busy day, but nice to have some time together.

Not very many colours yet, but we did see this tree.

I woke up to this beautiful sunrise, the lake is out there somewhere!

We headed to the Shawnee Trading post one afternoon.

This was inside, lots of Halloween goodies!

Another day we went to Oakland to walk around.

These were found in the antique store. Do they remind you of a lovely fellow blogger?

This was in the bar we stopped in.

Where I had to get a delicious cider!

September also seemed to be the month for getting together with my chosen sisters. Even though we don't see each other as often as we'd like, knowing we're there for each other means so much.

It was also fundraiser time for BRIGHT-FM (formerly SHINE-FM), this was my sweet treat for volunteering.

And finally, I have a finish! I made a few changes in adding a little more green in places, and also changed the year to BOO. I still have to add my initials and date, I'm just not sure where yet. I tried the ghost but didn't like the way it looked. Maybe because it was one strand of green and it was hard to see.
I might even have a frame for it in my craft room, I just have to find it!
Teresa Kogut's Silhowitches Quaker

Another event took place in September, but I'm not ready to post that yet.