Saturday 31 August 2019

Scavenger Photo Hunt, August 📷 - added

No way, it's already the end of August and time for Katie's I live, I love, I craft, I am me ... scavenger photo hunt this month!

The words for August are...

Added - Arm 
Apparently I wrote arch instead of arm on my checklist for photos, oops! So here's my arm - the armrest that Addie uses to sit and gaze at the Peke figurines and the photo of Miss Tenny.

The Gmen made their mark their senior year of high school with the football team. And now they're seniors in college!

Obviously this isn't actually straw, but it looks like it! It was good with the shrimp, nice and crunchy.
This was from our adventure in the Wonderland restaurant on our cruise last month, the theme is Alice in Wonderland.

We saw this on our hike last weekend, a natural arch we went under.

Or rather, ducks in a race! This was taken in July 2004, when we were visiting family in Ohio. 

Another old one, from the 80's! This is looking out the window of Ducksberry (alas, no real ducks). This unique home is on the coast of Devon, near Hartland, GB. We rented it twice while I was growing up, what an experience! This home had no electricity and you had to pump for water, luckily in the kitchen. Absolutely beautiful views and quite the walk to the beach.

My Own Choice
Now back to 2019, where I'm putting in a few last stitches to finish this. I have an idea in mind, but I need to find the right frame for it.

Have fun seeing everyone else's posts and see you next month!

Friday 30 August 2019

Friday's Stitching Ground 🍂

I know it's still August, but I've been bitten by the Autumn/Fall/Halloween bug, at least in the stitching world! Last week I started this and here's where I am now, with Maximus for company. This is a fun one and I hope to finish it soon.

I love everything pumpkin, including some of the beer, but I'm waiting until September to have any of it. DH and I went beer shopping this evening and I did get a pack... bring on Sunday!

Are you a pumpkin fan? I'm looking forward to the coffee and baking all things pumpkin 🎃!

Friday 23 August 2019

Cakes! 🥮

I wish I had known this earlier, I would have baked a cake!

This is my Dad's version, adding whipped cream and mandarin oranges. He calls it a Nesta Cake because Nana Nesta in Wales gave him her recipe. Although it never really tastes the same as having it in Britain. 😞
For my British friends, do you have a special recipe you use? I'd love to get it to taste like it should!

So it was movie night on Wednesday at the Commons... Shrek sure knows how to take care of those frogs!

And Kupcakes & Co had Shrek cupcakes, yum!

I just had to wear my ears and crown. Nathan was not impressed... job accomplished! 

Such fun! Next week is Princess Bride, I wonder what I can wear to that?!

Friday's Stitching Ground 🛫

Today brings us to Dulles Airport taking Gman2 to school. Just a little farther away than a four hour drive to Ohio!

My three guys with his luggage. He also brought his Scout backpack to use when he travels over there. I think he's there to study, but he's going to be so busy doing so many other things too!

First to Frankfurt, then to Vienna, and ultimately to Gaming, Austria. He'll be there for the semester, coming home mid December.

First time traveling on his own that far, maybe I should have gone with him?! We might show up there in a couple of months to visit him and take him to see the German side of the family. 🤞

I'm missing him already!

I did stitch on the way to the airport and then on the way back. Yucky rain and all that traffic.
I played with the colours and only need to buy a couple I don't have anything to match it with.

Are you a car stitcher? And I don't mean while driving!

Friday 16 August 2019

Friday's Stitching Ground 🐝

Today's stitching ground has me stitching at home this evening... catless!
I found this one in my craft room that I had forgotten about, so I thought I would finish it since I'm so close! I started stitching and noticed I needed to frog a bit of it, ugh.

They were kind of next to me though!

How many times have you surprised yourself by finding a WIP you'd "forgotten" about?

Wednesday 14 August 2019

News on my Mom 😊

Last week my Mom was admitted to the hospital again, to ICU then the High Level of Care Unit. She had coughed so much she was having trouble breathing. Dad called the ambulance, but he had already taken his sleeping pill so he couldn't follow behind. Their lovely neighbour called because she saw the flashing lights and she ended up taking him there AND STAYED WITH HIM UNTIL SHE TOOK HIM HOME IN THE MORNING! What a blessing she was/is!
They eventually said it was a piece of food that ended up in her lung and became septic. Then her bp was too low, her heart rate too high, and/or maybe the other way around?! So it's back to a pureed food for her and she isn't very happy about it!
At least they try to make it look like what it's supposed to be - mashed potatoes, carrots, chicken, and berries.

More mashed potatoes and beef, but the broccoli and pineapple are kind of hard to make it look what they are.
She'll have another swallow test in 4-6 weeks, but I have a feeling she might need to stay on it for good.

I was able to go see her during the week and stay a night to keep my Dad company. How nice that it was the day she was released from ICU!

Here's Gman1 and his girl, C, visiting Oma on the way home from the lake on Sunday.

Nathan came with me for this visit, and luckily it was the day she could come home!

She's waiting for the "chariot" for discharge!

I delivered her home and she was thrilled to be back.

And finally, she gets to see her Addie!

Here's Dad peeking in on Mom while taking Addie for a walk.
It's such a relief to have her back home, for us all!

This is what I've been working on when I came to visit her in the hospital, and now at home. She asks about it and likes it... I think it might not be for me after all!

Monday 12 August 2019

The People Chose 🦓

Here's another SAL month with Jo @ Serendipitous Stitching and this time it's Monochrome stitching. I didn't think I had very much, but was surprised at what I found.

As you can see, I made this in 1989, for my parents. Felt like yesterday! I ended up making one for a neighbour too, they had a lovely black cat named Boo so I added that to the blocks.

This is one that Gman2 asked me to make for his friend.

I made this one when the Gmen were in middle school, it was supposed to be for their band teacher when they graduated 8th grade. It looks like I'm giving it to her before Nathan graduates! I still have to add the charms and I thought about adding the concerts they performed and the places they went by stitching them along the border.

I made this one a while ago and still have to properly frame it.

A freebie I finished in time for St. Patrick's Day, but still need to fully finish.

I think that's it, take a look and see what everyone else stitched.
Next month... Bees!

Friday 9 August 2019

Friday's Stitching Ground 🏊

Today's stitching ground brought me to the pool to cool down after  picking corn in the morning with the youth group. Since I couldn't be at the beach, I figured stitching this after swimming was better than nothing!

That will have to be another post, it was a great week of service projects and fun, with a detour for me visiting my Mom in the hospital. She's still there but hopefully home tomorrow or Sunday at the latest.

Do you like to volunteer anywhere?

Thursday 8 August 2019

Summer Exchange at Needlecraft Haven 📬

I participated in Needlecraft Haven's Summer Exchange and the theme was a cat or dog pincushion. Can you guess what I chose?!

Take a look at Clare's blog - Aimetu's Stitching to see her part in it.
I received it while we were away and then brought it with me to my parents in case I was still there on reveal day. But we came home that day so I opened it then. I sent my package off to Deb and she had me, although we didn't find out until later.

Oh boy, Mom got a package and we see a cat! Ok, maybe they don't look that excited, but I was.

I love what I received from Deb! Aren't they adorable?!

This is the backside, more kitties!

And a lovely card, two pins, and sweet magnet that matches the colours on the pincushion.

Ming and Max approved!

Max helping with the display.
Right now it sits beside me in the great room while I stitch, but I'm sure it will make it's way in my craft room when I'm in there.

This is what I made for Deb.

You can't go wrong with Margaret Sherry!

I put it on an Altoids tin with a puffy top and this was the bottom.

The inside where I added a thin magnet on the bottom to hold needles.
That's a hard one to photograph!

It was a fun exchange and I think I heard something about a Halloween one?! 🎃🕸🕷👻