Thursday, 20 September 2018

This stinks ๐Ÿ˜ 

Well shoot, my Mom's in the hospital again.
She was admitted Tuesday morning and diagnosed with bronchial pneumonia. And with all the rain and dampness we've had, her RA has been really bad so they've given her morphine for the pain. Poor Momma.

Nathan had off yesterday because there was a staff professional day at school, so we headed to the hospital to visit her. She was sitting in a chair when we arrived and was pleasantly surprised to see us.
She didn't look too bad, just tired. Although she's still coughing, I'm not sure that will ever go away. We stayed for about four hours or so, enough time to make sure she's okay, but not too long to wear her out.
My Dad said she's going to rehab again, he's just not sure when. 

At least she's got a pretty view from her room.

Please keep her in your thoughts and/or prayers, she's had a rough year. Oh, and my Dad too, he's exhausted being the care giver and hasn't been sleeping well at night for quite a while. Living two hours away isn't that far, but far enough away not to help out on a regular basis. 

Saturday, 15 September 2018

School time! ✐

The end of August was Gman2's move in day at Franciscan University in Ohio. Good thing Gman1 was taking care of Nathan, there was no room for him in my car!

We stopped by to see Oma and Opa on the way since that's the route we took. It looks like my Dad's not too sure how to smile for a selfie! Mom went to the ER earlier that week because her tube was painful and it turns out she had bronchitis. Ugh, and she was doing so well. But overall she is doing much better.

Our next pit stop was meeting my nephew and his girlfriend in Frostburg for lunch at The Princess Restaurant. Short, sweet, and delicious!

We hit the road after that, only about 2+ hours away. When we pulled up to his dorm, a group of students were there and started unloading and labeling his things with his room number and then brought it there - it was great!

 His room has already changed, the bed has been raised high enough for the fridge and tv to fit underneath.

DH was in California for work earlier in the week, so he flew into Pittsburgh early Friday morning and came to the hotel so he could sleep a bit before seeing Gman2. We did some shopping for extras and then had lunch before heading home. I'm not sure when we'll see him again, but I'm hoping one weekend next month.

I was able to do some stitching on the way home since DH drove, what a treat!

As for Gman1, he rented a house near UMBC with some of his fraternity brothers.
It's a good thing his room isn't in the basement, although the laundry is.

I'm sure a big incentive might have been the tiki bar the previous students left behind! Hmmm...๐Ÿป

The plus to him going there is that we get to see him more often since he's so close. Even better when he brings Claire with him!

And finally, Master Nathan's first day of sixth grade, an official middle schooler!
He had already brought his backpack to school the week before when he met his teacher.

He told me he wasn't going to turn around for a picture. ☹

In the classroom and ready to learn!

A throwback to pre-k, adorable!

And in stitchy news, I added a flying witch to the Halloween Sampler. There's more to come!

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Fun with Oma and Opa ๐Ÿ’•

After our five hour drive from Ohio, we arrived back at my parents house safe and sound.
Since last year was a hot, family mess ๐Ÿ˜•, we are back on track and we will not allow it to happen again. No more playing games, some people are okay with it, I'm not.

So, my parents gave me a belated birthday present from last year, just after we got there. Mermaids! DH still has to hang them in my craft room, but I think I know where I want them.

The next day, Oma needed new frames so we headed to Walmart before the storm rolled in. She got her glasses and Nathan got to do his back to school shopping. He was thrilled... not!

The following day was beautiful, so Opa, Nathan, and I headed to downtown Cumberland for some antique shopping.

Awe, so sweet, pink poodles! Can you guess who they remind me of?!

The beautiful Emmanuel Parish of the Episcopal Church.

Quick pic of my Dad and I.

A quiet afternoon downtown.

My nephews came for a visit while we were there. They live in Frostburg, about 15/20 minutes away.

I like how Oma is looking at us in this one. Probably thinking, "goofballs!"

The next morning, we took Oma on an outing to see her old roommate, Gail, at the rehab center. She was surprised and thrilled, can you tell?!

Hugs, they do the heart good.

Such a sweetie, I hope to see her again the next time we visit. And I really hope they go back and visit her before I do!

Opa had their pool open and Nathan took advantage of it, he loves the water! Unfortunately they recently closed it, too many leaves falling in there. Growing up in the house before this one, we kept the pool open until October, chilly swimming weather! 

A quick photo before we headed home, an end to our wonderful mini vacation.

In stitchy news, this is what I ordered over the summer from The Strawberry Sampler. I love her! I haven't started her yet since I'm still working on my Halloween Sampler that I bought when Karen and I were there, I'm almost done.

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Fun in Ohio ❣

In order for Nathan and I to make the trip to my parents and further on to Ohio, we needed a new vehicle. My car's transmission was sticking at the most inconvenient times (while driving!), so it was time to get something more reliable. 
The new 2018(L) and the old 2008(R), Buick Enclave.

It was a short visit with Oma and Opa to start, but we had some fun in Oma's Gartenhaus!

We then headed out to visit MeeMee and Poppy in Ohio. It was such a comfy ride and we had a free month trial of WiFi in the car, so Nathan was happy.

After a five hour drive, we arrived in Ohio and went to a Dayton Dragons (yay Dragons!) baseball game that evening. In spite of a rain delay, we had a wonderful evening with MeeMee and Poppy!

Hey, we got on the Jumbotron while waiting for the game to start again!

A mini Kona Ice, what fun!

Memories of the last time we were there with the Gmen and cousins in July 2004. So cute!
At least Gman1's teeth match his shirt. ๐Ÿ˜‰
(The little one on the end will show up later, look for her!)

The next day, we visited Carillon Historical Park.
I think we all learned a little something that day.

I wonder if it still works?

Unfortunately, this was the only stitching I found.

They're always on the road!

And we're following them, but Nathan better open his eyes while driving!

Our next adventure took us here.

Too bad DH wasn't working at this "facility"!

This is where MeeMee and Poppy spend some time volunteering. Poppy has volunteered over 5,000 hours and MeeMee over 2,000 hours, I'd say they're pretty dedicated! So if you're ever in Dayton, Ohio, it is well worth a visit and be sure to look out for them!

Here's Poppy telling Nathan about when he flew this type of plane in Vietnam.

We're so proud of Poppy and are grateful for his service.

Lucky Nathan got a cool ride home from the museum!

Our next activity brought us to Columbus to see cousin Meghan and her boyfriend, Chip. They got a new kitty, Evie, and Nathan wanted to take her home!

After some kitty snuggles, we went to COSI Center of Science and Industry for some fun.

 So nice that Nathan had someone to play with, Meghan is truly a kid at heart! ♡
(Recognize her now?)

After our playful day with Meghan, we had a great dinner together with Chip joining us!

But wait, it wasn't over yet. Poppy surprised us on the way home and stopped by Young's Farm for ice cream. YUM! ๐Ÿจ

Our last full day was spent at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. Lots of cute animals and even some darn frogs! I loved the sloth, half laying down/hanging, eating dinner!

Future scientist?!

He had fun helping out.

MeeMee doesn't stitch, but she's starting to knit prayer shawls. So far it looks fantastic!

 We went to their beautiful church before leaving on Sunday and were able to enjoy the hot dog and ice cream social after the service. What a great way to end our visit!

I'm not sure when we'll be able to see them again, hopefully soon, but knowing that we always have a good time together is a huge incentive! 

As for stitching, I worked on my Halloween Sampler while there, and decided to use another "black" colour in addition to Blackboard and Raven. I went to the Stitching Cottage nearby and picked up Black Crow and actually used it for the crow.

Our next adventure... Oma and Opa's.