Friday, 30 September 2022

September's Shenanigans 😜

September is almost over and I haven't posted anything... yet!

This was actually at the end of August, Nathan heading into 10th grade. Big change from kindergarten! 

Labour Day had us heading to the lake, first time in years. DH and I went earlier in the day on our own with the others coming that evening. We had a nice pit stop for lunch, visited my Dad, aired out the house and then went shopping - a busy day, but nice to have some time together.

Not very many colours yet, but we did see this tree.

I woke up to this beautiful sunrise, the lake is out there somewhere!

We headed to the Shawnee Trading post one afternoon.

This was inside, lots of Halloween goodies!

Another day we went to Oakland to walk around.

These were found in the antique store. Do they remind you of a lovely fellow blogger?

This was in the bar we stopped in.

Where I had to get a delicious cider!

September also seemed to be the month for getting together with my chosen sisters. Even though we don't see each other as often as we'd like, knowing we're there for each other means so much.

It was also fundraiser time for BRIGHT-FM (formerly SHINE-FM), this was my sweet treat for volunteering.

And finally, I have a finish! I made a few changes in adding a little more green in places, and also changed the year to BOO. I still have to add my initials and date, I'm just not sure where yet. I tried the ghost but didn't like the way it looked. Maybe because it was one strand of green and it was hard to see.
I might even have a frame for it in my craft room, I just have to find it!
Teresa Kogut's Silhowitches Quaker

Another event took place in September, but I'm not ready to post that yet.

Tuesday, 30 August 2022

August's Antics ⛰

We had a beautiful drive thru Virginia into West Virginia earlier this month on the way to a mini family vacation.

We had a little bit of rain on our way, but not too bad. This cut-through was huge!

DH chose where we went this year, and it was certainly something new to us. It was about six hours away and in the middle of NOWHERE!

Our adventure was in Gilbert, WV, riding the Hatfield-McCoy Trails on a side-by-side (sxs). More like a trip just for the guys, but I was up for it!
Here's DH and Nathan picking it up to drive it back to the house we rented. The Gmen were coming the next day, so they'll get their own.
Notice how nice and green it looks... for now.

And we're off!

Hitting the trails, not really knowing what to expect.
Good thing DH was reading the map, it was so confusing. So many twists, turns, and plenty of bumps!

We went to a waterfall on trail 13, lovely and nice since we were the only ones there.

You can see how narrow the trails can get. What you might not be able to see is how fast he's going and how bumpy it is!

I think I liked sitting in the back better? I didn't get as dirty!

This was one of the few places to eat in town, luckily the pizza was good. 

Yay, the Gman arrived the night before and joined us the next day.

They took turns driving.

Not a very good family photo, but at least we got one.

Nathan decided to join his brothers, I think Dad was going too fast for him!

This is an after photo - after Gman2 rolled the sxs on its side! They were backing up for a bigger group to pass us and he went up the hill a little too quickly. He said it was like falling in slow motion! Luckily I didn't see it happen, but I did see it on its side. DH ran out to them and I couldn't get out fast enough! I saw the Gmen and they were fine, but I couldn't see Nathan. Then he popped up through the door and said he was good, he just had a hard time unbuckling his seatbelt!
Later, Gman1 was also backing up and one of the back wheels went over the edge. Luckily one of the other vehicles had a tow rope to pull him up. I'm glad I didn't see that one!

The second day DH said he wasn't playing nice anymore and went racing through almost all of the puddles! Not so bad when it was on the outside of my visor, but inside of it too?!

We actually drove into Kentucky, that made it a ten hour trip in total. Way too long for all of us except DH!

This is DH's tshirt that he wore under his shirt, and this was after it was washed!

You can really see how dirty Gman2's shirt is. At least you know they were wearing their seatbelts.
You can also tell he had on goggles and the helmet didn't cover his mouth! 

The next day, I decided I wanted to drive.

And he has the nerve to act scared! I lasted about 15 minutes, he kept wanting me to go faster! Besides that, I knew there were going to be sharp turns with the possibility of having to back up, no thanks after what happened with the Gmen.

Ah, finally, a smooth ride home and I'm able to stitch while riding.

Home, along with proof that we were there!

So while we were there, Nathan and I went to Walmart on Saturday (45 minutes away), and I bought some aida fabric to get WV dirty! It was much dirtier than this, but I had to wash it and this is all I got. Could be a Halloween piece, but I think it might need some more dirt?

All in all, we had a fun time together but I think I'll stay home next time... stitching retreat at my house!

Monday, 8 August 2022

Summer Blog Hop 2022


And what a summer we've been having, it's been way too hot. I'm sure plenty of you know how that feels this year! 

Here's a little info about my fellow stitcher, let's see if you can figure out who she is...

This crafter lives in the states and has been blogging for almost 20 years! She grew up in my state, Maryland, but I don't know where... yet.

She has a lovely family and her grandchildren are adorable. Have a cup of tea with her and she'll tell you about them.

If you want to see what RV living and boating is like, she'll fill you in.
Living in their RV has allowed her and her husband to be missionaries full time, spreading the word of God.

She has many crafting talents - quilting, cross stitching, appliqueing, crocheting, cooking, and baking. I think I got them all?

I believe she started participating in Jo's hops last year, YAY!

Wouldn't it be fun if the city she grew up in was shown on this piece?
I stitched this for my parents in 1991, it's an oldie!

Do you have any idea who I'm posting about?
Click here to find out this joyous crafter!

Be sure to head over to Jo's blog to see the other Stitching Friends. Thanks again, Jo! πŸ₯°

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Closing the Chapter on June πŸ“•

June welcomed back the church's annual Clarksville Picnic which I volunteered at for almost two weeks.
That means finding treasures you never knew you were missing!
Although I was in the pricing room, I never priced anything I wanted to get; I waited until it was marked and then paid that price.
This was one of those treasures, a Yonanas soft serve maker. It was priced at $3 and I happily paid it even if didn't work out in the end. 

Basically you start with frozen bananas and then alternate adding whatever other frozen fruit you like. The first time I made it, my girlfriend Kim came over for a girls night and she laughed at it. After we made it (with bananas and mangos), she quickly apologized because it was delicious!
So far I've used mangos, blueberries, peaches, and strawberries. I want to try blackberries, pineapple, and maybe kiwi. There are plenty of "recipes" for other things, including Irish Coffee... yes, please!
Kim ended up looking online, found it at Walmart and ended up ordering one. She had friends try it after she got it and they ordered it too. Auntie Leela said she was going to get one and told her family in London about it and they are supposed to get it too! Let me know if you end up getting one, even without a taste test!
Easy clean up and after mixing it up when it's finished, it's perfect. I usually freeze half of it for the next day.

There weren't a lot of stitched pieces for sale, but these are the ones I saved. Sadly, none of them were signed by the person who stitched it. I always add my initials and date, even if it's on the back. I thought most people do, but maybe not. Do you?

This treat was $20, and I plan to paint or stain it and change the handles. I want to use this to put my fabric in, it should be easier to find it in there.

I showed this to DH and the Gmen, but they weren't interested. Such a shame, I thought it was cool!

On the day of the picnic, Nathan helped out with the youth group's dunking booth and I was the first one to dunk him. Such fun!

This was not found at the picnic, but I forgot to post it for my birthday. Dear Karen bought this for my birthday at The Stitching Post's model sale they had. I love it! I actually bought the chart years ago and hadn't stitched it yet, and here it is all finished and framed! It does look lighter in daylight, it's lovely.
I asked a few of the ladies in the shop who stitched it, but they couldn't remember.

And just like that, June was over and now it's almost August! I'll catch up eventually.

Saturday, 30 July 2022

What happened to June❓❗

Back to the real world and trying to get back into blogging. I have still been stitching everyday, so that's something.

The real world meant a retreat for me in June, a funtastic getaway!
This was Flower Power in Pennsylvania, a wonderful time with friends.

My roommate, Karen, was able to come to this one!

Our table, these girls are so much fun!

The Grab Bag Exchange, the word was TULIP.

This was the box I picked from Eda. She made the project bag and pincushion, aren't they sweet?

This was my exchange - the U was hard, but I saw unscented lotion at The Stitching Post for the win!
... are the two lips in the dark!

Plenty of choices for shopping too.

What I purchased (and was gifted) from Janis @Noteworthy Needle. I'll be as busy as a bee!

My purchases from Silkweaver Fabrics and a needle threader from Rovaris.

Needleminders from Annette @Mind Your Needle. So happy to have the German and Welsh gnomes!

I purchased some smaller bags from Peggy and Roberta @BFF Pouches and Bags, and then had this one specially made since I wanted to fit my Gathering Honey in it. I love it!

Then it was mid June, and time for my birthday.
Flowers, a stitching gift certificate, a new ipad, and a much desired Wicked Witch I've been searching for for a long time, from dear Kerri!

A delicious dinner with family and us girls enjoyed some amazing crushes! 

This year I requested a chocolate cake with orange icing. DH did a great job, it was wonderful!

June isn't over, yet to come...the church picnic goodies and some recent stitching.
I'll do my best to backtrack on blog reading, but might have to settle for reading your most recent posts.