Thursday 29 February 2024

Fully Finished Gallery - February 2024 🖼

I really didn't get to much finishing this time.
Two kitties have been keeping me out of my craft room because they aren't allowed in there and cry when they can't come in!

Sadly, this is all I have.
I'm not quite sure if it will stay in this frame or if I'll be changing it out monthly.

Culprit #1, Maverick - Likes playing with my floss and too cute to leave alone.

Culprit #2, Mia - Also too cute to leave alone!

Be sure to take a look and see what others have finished too.
And next month will be much better!

Monday 26 February 2024

A Weekend Getaway in February 🍻

In early February, DH and I were invited to a wedding for my BFF's son. He thought we should make a weekend of it, what a nice surprise! So we went to Lititz, PA, on Friday to spend the night before the wedding in Lancaster, PA.
It was the perfect little town, we were able to walk everywhere! Our first stop was at Bulls Head Public House for a drink (Shandy for me) and lunch.

From there we went antique shopping, DH's favourite... not! I did see this sweet piece in one of the shops.

Oh look, another bar! Too bad this one wasn't actually available, but I liked the sign. The locals were all so nice and friendly, and we ending up at the hotel bar with some of them that we had met earlier at another bar.

We stopped in at the Wilbur Chocolate shop since it was right across the street from the hotel, how could we not?
We hadn't heard of this chocolate before, but they have something similar to a Hershey's Kiss, it's called a Wilbur Bud. It's a little harder than a kiss and not as sweet. We liked it enough to get some! I also found some dark chocolate orange truffles, so that was a must. And the hotel left a little pouch of them in our room, nice.

It was chilly that night, maybe my hand was shaking and that's why it's blurry? Because I really didn't have "that" much to drink!

On the way to the hotel for the wedding the next day, my treat was stopping in at Stitches Unlimited, which I have been to a few times before.

Here's the happy couple coming into the reception after the ceremony.

T and I, we've been BFF's since 1st grade. My mother used to call us the terrible twins when we would have a spat.

A fun photo with her sister, and their cousin joining us whether we liked it or not!

It's always fun getting together with these two.

Oops, we almost forgot to take a photo together.

My purchases from Stitches Unlimited was approved by Maverick. I really didn't need anything, but of course wanted to support the shop!

It was a great weekend away together and we are trying to make plans with friends to stay in Lititz in the future since we had such fun there!

The next week I had my yearly mammogram and thought I deserved a visit to the thrift shop afterwards. I found a few treats.
I might be stopping by there again tomorrow since I'll be in the area, who knows what I might find?

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop 💝

Ready for some stitching 💘?!
Take a look at Jo @Serendipitous Stitching's blog to see who else is sharing the love today.
Can you figure out who sent what stitched piece?
Be sure to leave a little love note. 💌

This is what I received, a sweet little LOVE pillow. I love how it looks stitched on black fabric with the pink and green.
I have no clue who this belongs to, is it you?

What kids really think of Valentine's Day...

"It's like where it's basically you give people cards, and it's "be nice to everybody" day. Like if you see a stranger on the street, you can say, 'Hi.'" — Aki, 7

"It's also known as St. Chocolat Day." — Gabriela, 12

Saying hi and having chocolate? Yes, please!
And remember, smiles are free ~ share some today. 🥰

Thank you, Jo. For another year of sharing our love of stitching with each other. 🪡❤️

Wednesday 31 January 2024

Berkeley Springs at Christmas 🎅

A very belated pre-Christmas posting, but I'm trying to get it out before February!

This year, Kerri and I chose to visit Berkeley Springs, WV, about halfway between us.

It wasn't too cold and looked lovely there.

I got to join in with the carolers! 

Santa, here?! I know him! I know him! ~ Buddy the elf

The closest we got to snow.

The tree through the frame.

Isn't it beautiful?

The parking meters were all decorated differently.

A kitty and puppy tree.

This was in one of the shops, that hot sauce is potent.☠

A very attentive guy.

We stopped in at Almost Heaven Antiques Uniques and this was the checkout, an actual post office window. I love it!

Between that store and other antique mall there, these are some of the treasures I found. I didn't purchase any, but looking again, I really like the first one.

Who know where we'll be celebrating next year, so many choices between MD and VA.

Friday 19 January 2024

Fully Finished Gallery - January 2024 🖼

Welcome to Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery SAL for January 2024. 🎉
Thanks to Rachel for the encouragement to finish my stitching last year. Maybe this year I'll finish even more?
Be sure to take a look and see what others have finished too.

This Mill Hill was changed to match Nathan's high school colours. His band teacher is his favourite teacher and he wanted to give him a little something.

I also added a magnet to the back so he could use it at work if he wanted.

I made this sweet little guy for my soon to be daughter-in-love since she loves giraffes.

May will be here before we know it and I need to start their wedding sampler! 

I should have more next time, lots to finish and a bridal shower to stitch for.

Thursday 18 January 2024

Our Beloved Ming 😢

 After not feeling well and bringing Ming to the vet last week, we got the results Monday that she was in renal failure.

This was before the vet came yesterday afternoon, getting loved by us all. She was purring that morning with me in bed, but just not herself and going downhill.
If only love could heal, she'd be with us always.
What you might not know is that just before the New Year, we adopted two kittens from a rescue. They are a Snowshoe Siamese mix, brother and sister. Mia is the lighter one and Maverick has the dark nose and ears.
More about them in another post.

In 2006, we went to visit Ming before we were able to get her. The Gmen had a soccer game, so we went as soon as it was over. She was so tiny and sweet, we were in love!

Soon after we decided to get her, we were blessed to find out I was pregnant with Nathan. She snuggled him before, and after!

She insisted on checking out every place he would be sitting or sleeping.

Mother's Day with newbies Nathan and Ming. 🥰

I think this is the last family photo we had taken with both Ming and Maximus, at my parents house.

Knowing they are together again is a comfort, but we still miss them both so very much.

Rest in peace my sweet girl, don't forget to tell Maximus we love him and miss him still.

Tuesday 2 January 2024

December Stitchy Gifts 🎁

What a truly lovely surprise to receive this darling pin pillow from dear Stasi @Bee-mused and Bee-Stitching! It's always a treat to be gifted something unexpected AND, of course, handmade.
So thanks again so very much, Stasi, this will always have a place on my craft table. 🥰

Karen gave me these goodies for Christmas, including a gift certificate to The Stitching Post. There were delicious cookies she made too, but they're gone now! And the box is cute, I'm sure I can find something stitching related to put in it.

Nathan didn't know what to get me for Christmas, so I showed him my 123Stitch wishlist to pick something from. Sweet, he picked three!

My Salvaged Stitch friend, Deanna, had these in a box of goodies someone gave her. She thought of me, so I got them!
I think the only ones I'll be likely to stitch are the bears and maybe the sewing one. Does anyone have any interest in the others?

So December was a great stitchy month, the next post will be about some adventures!

Saturday 30 December 2023

Flashback from the Hershey Fall Getaway 🍫

Nothing like posting late, this was in October! But at least it's still in the same year.

Hershey's motto is "sharing goodness."
What a great way to spend a stitching retreat!
This retreat was hosted by Linda and Annette @LinAnn Events. It's always a great time with them and what a great group of stitchers!

Before checking in, I stopped by Hershey's Chocolate World to stock up.

That's my kind of house!

Just a little bit of a maze in the hotel, but I found the stitching room!

A clean table (for now) with treats. I brought what I'm calling, Dead Fred, feeding him floss so we won't have to frog!

The goodie bag and sweet gifts from friends.

One of pieces I was working on.

Brenda, Fran and I ventured out on Friday night to Dark Nights at Hershey Park.

We went to all five haunted houses, such fun!

Who knew a sewing machine could be used for sewing pig skin? 😱

Our trio of trouble.

Our crazy funtastic stitching table.

Saturday night escapades with the white elephant exchange. The word was BRISK.

My original choice was stolen, so I thought I'd be brave and take the totally unknown!

This is what was inside.
I have never done embroidery before, but it looks like I need to give it a try. I know my Momma liked it, so I might too. Of course the mug will come in handy, and especially the little travel light. And candy, can't forget the candy!

This is what I put together in my ghost. I used an empty plastic vinegar container with a hole in the back, with a "prettified" plunger to hold up the ghost.

I won for one of the most creative... amazing fabric from Needlework with Jim.

This was at the freebie table... dragons and Mill Hill!

I bought this fabric for this pattern I wanted to start.

Our group, and I'm already looking forward to next year's event!

Where I ended up finishing before putting it away for the season.

I'm already looking forward to next year!