Friday 22 April 2016

A Hodgepodge of fun and even some stitching!

DH had a guys night, fraternity brothers from Georgia Tech days,

So I had a girls night!
Cori and family came over for dinner and we had a great night.
Quick, goofy pose!

I knew this kid was trouble! 
Thank goodness were were only visiting with the cub scouts.

I did have a lovely girls day at the Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit, too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures inside.
This is actually the front of the house, although you enter from the back.

And we got to go to In Stitches!

With Elizabeth and DJ!

The Easter egg hunt with the cousins. 245 eggs hidden, they each had their own colour. My nephew turned 18 in December so he had to find the camo green eggs!
And this sneaky chick? She was a former CSI officer, she knew how to hide eggs!

I did get some stitching done... 
Maja's Joyful World
I changed some of the colours and added beads and sparkle. I think April is my favourite so far.

I decided to make these for my Mother (who's German), for Christmas.

And here's May, I was trying to figure out Ming's colouring so I could make the cat like her!

That's it for now, more to come after I catch up reading your blogs!