Saturday 30 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 30

Day 30
I am thankful for shopping.
Let me specify -
The freedom to go shopping
The car and the gas to get me there
The clothes to keep me warm while shopping
The family and friends I have to go with me
The family and friends I have to shop for
My DH for working so hard so I/we can afford to go shopping
Being able to buy for others who are unable to do so.

Nathan and I shopping in Cumberland today.

Opa and Nathan

Supporting the book store!

Santa has his own postbox!

Walking to the toy store.

Hi there!

Almost ready to go home, it's cold out here!
 I saw this in one of the antique shops - it said, $30 vintage needlepoint.

And here's his girlfriend.  I'd love to know the details behind them!

If you've stuck it out for 30 days, WOW!  I really am thankful for so much more, but the month is over and I must get back to stitching for Christmas.  So thank you for your time and comments, I'm thinking a give-a-way is in order... just need to think about it!

Friday 29 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 29

Day 29
I am thankful for Spike, our extra pair of eyes.
I love the way Nathan gets excited when he finds him in a new place!

This year, he appeared at Oma and Opa's on Thanksgiving evening.

From the potted plant, he hopped over to a candlestick - luckily it wasn't burning!  Then he ended up over here in the village.

His next stop was on top of one of Opa's masks, this one is in the hallway.  I wonder where Nathan will find him in the morning?!

Memories of last year - Spike riding a dragon.

Maybe he was trying to put a star up there?

Checking out The Santa Clause.

Getting some love from Clarice and Rudolph!
Snuggles from Woofie and pup.
We can't wait to see what Spike gets into this Christmas!
Anyone else have an elf in their home?

Thursday 28 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 28

Day 28
I am thankful for my silly family!
That included my immediate family, parents, brothers, and out-laws!

We were video chatting with my nieces today and Nathan and Hannah were having fun.

Even my Dad got in on the act - he's "chillin" out at the beach!

Dad's famous family photos.

Ming and Max are part of the family too!

Dad and his baby, Tennessee.
Two years ago, my brothers and families joined us for Thanksgiving, it was a full house!
Our attempt at Tom Turkey, just a little scary.
On the other side of the coin, here's my out-law side of the family.  We have been going to the beach 17 years together every summer.  Unfortunately, I think last year might have been our last time together there.  We went on cruise this year and the kids are way busy with sports during the summer - bummer! 
Another fun thing we do together is cruising! This was on our Hawaiian cruise several years ago.
Needless to say, I love my family, who else would put up with all the craziness?!


Wednesday 27 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 27

Day 27
I am thankful for warmth.
We are at my parents house in western MD for Thanksgiving and it is currently 18 degrees outside, brrrrr!

We were welcomed with a nice hot "buppa" tea when we arrived, ahhh.  At least I was, Nathan won't try it - oh well, more for me.
I'm sitting in my Mom's tv room in my short sleeve tshirt (Saints Football!!!) actually feeling hot.  They have to keep the house warm for her and this is definitely something I'm not used to.  But so very glad to be inside nice and toasty.
I must say I need to sleep with it on the cool side, I loving snuggling up under the covers!

I would have included some photos, but for some reason I can't upload any.  Darn blogger site.
Nathan took a great one from the car today - driving in certain areas the trees were frozen white, just beautiful!

Update - I had to use my Dad's computer to add this.  Guess DH will be checking out my computer tonight!

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 26

Day 26
I am thankful for my cute kitchen help!
It's guaranteed, if I start baking and Nathan is around, I have a helper... at least for a little while.

He loves helping me make Welsh cakes and sugar cookies.

Today he helped me make cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.
He wanted to help with the zesting, maybe next time.

He did a great job helping me with the juicing.

This I did all by myself!  He won't eat the end result, so no worries.

He liked hearing the cranberries pop, pop, pop.

These aren't just good for turkey, it tastes wonderful on toast!

Our next adventure will be making cranberry orange donuts while at Oma and Opa's, then eventually Christmas cookies and breads - yum!

Monday 25 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 25

Day 25
I am thankful for teachers.
In this case, it's the creativity they have given the children to express.  Here are some of Nathan's first grade class contributions on how to disguise a turkey...

I am not a turkey, I am a guinea hen.  Look at my spots.  Look at my horn.  You do not eat a guinea on Thanksgiving.

I am not a turkey.  I am an astronaut and I fly around in outer space without wings.

I am not a turkey.  I am a ballet dancer.  Look at my twirls and curtsys.  I dance like a swan. I have my crown and a tutu.

I am not a turkey.  I am a kitty cat.  Hear me purr and see my sharp claws.

I am not a turkey.  I am a blue Macaw.  Look at my blue feathers.  I fly around all day in the jungle looking pretty.

 I am not a turkey.  I am a cowboy.  I am also the sheriff.  I ride my horse around and save other people.

 I am not a turkey.  I am a dog.  Look at my tail and my spots.  I eat dog food.  It's yummy!  Why don't you try it?

I am not a turkey.  I am a bunny.  Look at my fuzzy, fuzzy white fur.  I like to eat carrots.  I like to hop around.

I am not a turkey.  I am a chicken.  I lay eggs in the grass.

I am Sparkle the ballerina.  I am going to perform in the Nutcracker ballet this Christmas.  I am so excited.

I am not a turkey.  I am a masked bandit.  If you try to eat me I will steal all of your money and jewels.

 I am not a turkey.  I am a soldier who saves the world.

I am not a turkey.  I am a goblin if you eat me you will die.  wahhah

I am Fuzzy the green fairy.  I will grant you three wishes, so do not eat me.  If you do your belly will feel grassy.

I am not a turkey.  I am an Endermen.  I move blocks all night long.  Stay away or I will drop a block on you.

I am a Power Ranger.  People should not eat me because I save people around the world.  For example, I am fireproof.  I saved a person who was sleeping.

 These are not turkeys, they are football players.

 I am not a turkey.  I am a spider.  If you try to eat me you will be hotter than lava from my really hot eyes.

 I am not a turkey.  I am dynamite.  I am an explosive.  If you bite me you will explode.  BOOM!  BOOM!  

 I am not a turkey.  I am an angler fish.  If you eat me then I will eat you!  I have a bright light and I have sharp teeth.  When you see me swim away!

I am not a turkey.  I am Pikachu.  Look at my long ears.  Look at my yellow body.  Look at my tail.  It is shaped like a lightning bolt.

I am not a turkey.  I am Santa Claus.  I am fat because I eat lots of cookies!

I love them all, but I am partial to the astronaut!  Which one is your favourite?