Saturday, 17 September 2016

Jo's BIG Birthday Blog Hop ~ 1977

Wahoo, Jo's 50!
Happy Birthday to the Blog Hop Queen!

I have the year 1977...
Jo was eleven. In the Summer the whole country celebrated the Queen's 25th Jubilee. Except for Jo's siblings who had chickenpox! Jo got three times the goodies at the local street party. Which was moved indoors because of the rain. In the autumn Jo left the Primary School where she's been for the previous six years and started Middle School. This was a relatively new invention in this area, in the past Jo would have stayed at Primary School for another year and then sat her 11plus to determine if she went to Grammar School or the Secondary Modern. Middle School was a big change, Jo had to catch a bus on her own and travel three miles to school. The official school bus serviced the toughest housing estate and was an education in itself!

What else was going on in 1977?
Abba's Knowing Me, Knowing You #1 in GB
Gallon of petrol is .79p
World Trade Center in NY is completed
1st commercial flight Concord London to NY
Legos were becoming more popular
Popular films - Star Wars, Rocky, Saturday Night Fever, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
And saving the best for last... Doctor Who 1977

What was I doing in 1977?
I was ten, that awkward age - the what the heck was I wearing stage? This was taken on the QEII's 10th anniversary, traveling from South Hampton to New York.

Wahoo, eleven candles for being eleven in '77.

Wishing you a most wonderful 50th birthday, I hope you get to celebrate ALL weekend!
Much love and stitches,

Thursday, 15 September 2016


No way, graduates!
Another late post, seeing at they're already away at college. We had a great party for them, first big one since moving into the house.

Family photo

With Grampa Al and Gammy.

The flag my mil got them.

Grad party fun.

Party cake!

Cookies my friend, Nina, made - adorable!

Thanks, Pinterest.

More craft fun.

Love these pictures.

UMBC, here they come.

And on the stitchy newsfront...
Thank you for your suggestions about Max's eyes. I took the beads outs and tried french knots, but I didn't like that either. So back to the basics, regular x's it is. 
Not exactly the way I hoped it would turn out, but I'm done!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Busy in May

In May, Nathan and I went to a balloon festival nearby. We met friends there and had a great time.

Love the crab!

The moon was amazing that night.

Only one gman went to prom, and he went with his friend way back from PreK. 

They looked so good together in blue.

Look at that rainbow of colours!

Next event was the boys last indoor football game. They won every game but one, and they missed that one!

Then came the trip to the Baltimore Zoo with Nathan's class.
These little guys are adorable.

At least he's taller than a penguin!

I have a love/hate feeling towards the zoo - love seeing the animals, but hate to see them caged. This precious boy looks like he really doesn't want to be there.

The giraffe seemed happy though.

And OMGoodness, these guys were too cute!

Beautiful Caribbean Flamingos.

Here's Joyful World for May - trying to match Max, not the best but it will do. 

I used beads for his eyes, but not quite sure about them. Looks kind of spooky... thoughts?

That's it for May - next time, Graduation!

Friday, 29 July 2016

WOW, it's a PEEP show!

Nathan and I spent one afternoon following the peeps...
 And this is where it led us!

So many creative peeps, but I really liked this one. Although I think they should be stitching, not knitting!

This wasn't all the displays, but there was plenty to see.

Saved the best for last...

Maybe I should submit these two next year?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Time flies when you're having fun!

Guess I've had fun, it's been a while since I've posted!

In April, the gmen celebrated their 18th birthday. When did that happen?!
My mil signed up to have their birthday announced at school, I had to "threaten" them to pose for me!

Then I met Karen in North Carolina to celebrate her birthday. Our mid-way meet was in Elm City, at a sweet bed and breakfast.

We stitched and stitched, 
and had a Miranda marathon! Such fun, such fun!

May brought the annual stitching weekend at St. Michaels with DJ and friends. A storm rolled in while we were there, awesome to see close up!
 We did an ornament exchange - lucky me, I received DJ's, the one on the lower left, love it! I made the tiny ones, the Rudolph sweater that I didn't think would be so small, and the hanging wish list.
Already looking forward to next year with this group.
How cool, I found the ducks to match the Sunflower Diaries: Joyful World!
And on that note, I'll catch you later!