Friday 30 November 2018

Thanksgiving x2 🍽🍷

As much as I love everything pumpkin, I'm happy it's cranberry time!
Cranberry coffee with cranberry cake, what a beautiful way to start the day.

Thanksgiving eve brought DH and I to this new place, Sapwood Cellars. I had the Thanks and Giving, with cranberries of course! It wasn't bad, but definitely could have had more cranberry flavour. 

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without watching the parade... it's Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon.

Oh boy, SpongeBob

Mini Bobs

That Grinch

Father Christmas!

The only pictures taken that night were of my chosen sisters, and we were colour coordinated!

Saturday brought us through the mountains to my parents house to have Thanksgiving with them.

Nathan reading an old annual while waiting for dinner.

Dad loves to get fancy for special dinners.

And you can't be there without having a "few" photos taken.
Mom is doing okay, although she seems to be in more pain from her arthritis, but she's tough. Dad was exhausted, so we took over prepping for dinner when we got there so he got to relax and chit chat.

Oh my, another picture! Gman2 spent the night with them so Dad could take him to the train station in Cumberland on Sunday evening to head back to school. He'll be back mid December for break, so it will be nice to have all the boys back home!

And in stitching news, I've finished this and just need to put it together. Maybe that's something Spike will do tonight since tomorrow is DECEMBER!

Thursday 22 November 2018

I'm not a turkey... 🦃

It's one of my favourite times of the year, time for I'm not a Turkey, in the eyes of first graders.
And here's Nathan forever in first grade in this picture!

Here we go...

Ah, ah, I'm ah turkey... unicorn! I fly through the sky. I have a sparkle horn. Who likes turkey? They are bad luck! Unicorns are good luck! I am very lean, I don't have any meats on my bones.

I am not a turkey. I am a ninja. I will sneak up on you when you are not watching. Better watch out or I'll steal your turkey.

My turkey is dressed up as a cheerleader. She goes on picnics in May, June, and August and July. She cheers for her fellow friends.

People do not eat quarterbacks. I am going to win the Super Bowl for all the turkeys in Green Bay... oh, I mean people.

Hi! I am Super Natalia. Do turkeys have capes? Do turkeys have curly hair and a bow? They do not! People do not eat super heroes for Thanksgiving.

I'm not a turkey! I can fly. I can save the day. I have a wavy cape. I have three different colors of capes so I can change.

I have a horn and a mane. I am not a turkey. I am a unicorn and I am endangered. All my friends are turkeys.

I'm a ghost, not a turkey. You can't eat me. I go around saying Boo!

I am not a turkey. I am a police turkey. I am here to protect our turkey community and keep them safe.

I am not a turkey. I am a soccer player. Please don't eat me for Thanksgiving. My team would miss me, I score a lot.

Hello! My name is Lucas. I may look like a turkey but I'm actually a professional soccer player. I recommend eating salad this Thanksgiving. Turkey makes you sleepy.

I am not a turkey. I am a mermaid. I swim in the ocean all day with my mermaid friends. We go down to the coral reef to play.

Turkeys do not have armor. Turkeys do not have helmets. This is Ironman my hero. He is a human so you can't eat him.

I am not a turkey. I am a cheerleader. I cheer for Team Roca. Don't you see my pom-poms and cheerleading outfit!

I made a police turkey that is blue. My turkey helps people. It also keep people safe and drives in a police car. It eats peanuts.

Because my name is Tom, people think I am a turkey. If you want to eat turkey, I will have to arrest you.

My little friend is named Tommy. He is so fun to play with and he likes to play tag a lot. He loves pumpkins pie on Thanksgiving. He hates turkey.

I am not a turkey. I am a twirling ballerina. Look at me sparkle. I dance for all of my turkey friends.

I am not a turkey. I have my sunglasses on. I drive around on my motorcycle. You won't ever catch me!

I am not a turkey. I am Santa. Look at my beard. I give presents to people and dogs and cats and babies. I have a red coat.

I am not a turkey. I am an Irish dancer. Look at my pretty dress. I have a feis on Thanksgiving Day. For dinner I am serving Irish soda bread to my turkey.

Look at my red jersey. I am a Capitals player with a hockey stick and puck. I am Alexander Ovechkin, the captain of the Capitals. If you eat me, I won't be able to win the Stanley Cup for Washington.

I am not a turkey. I am Iron Man. I have an electromagnet in my chest that keeps me alive. I have a metal suit that helps me fight bad guys.

My human should not be eaten by people because she is a human. I love my turkey self! Oops, I mean human.

I am not a turkey. I am a princess. I live in England. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving there!

I am not a turkey. I am a surfer. I like to surf big waves. Check out my cool surfboard. I can do some good tricks in the ocean like flip and twist. I surf with my turkey friends.

I am not a turkey. I am Hulk Smash in a pretty shirt.

I am a human girl dressed as a turkey for Halloween. I love my turkey costume so much and I want to wear it every day.

I am not a turkey. I am a peacock. I will walk around your garden. People like to see me.

Hi, I am Cinderella. Look at my pretty crown and my pretty sparkly shoes. Do you like my pretty dress? I do not live on a farm, I live in a castle. 

Hi, I am the Flash. I am not a turkey because look how slim and trim I am. Plus I am too quick to be a turkey.

I am not a turkey. I am Pinkalicious. I have a magical friend, Goldie. I like everything pink and pretty. I have fantastic adventures with my brother. I love walking my dog.

I am not a turkey, I am a judge. I judge other turkeys, oops! I mean people. I smash my gavel to make it quiet!

My name is Ryetak. Sure, I may look like a turkey but don't be fooled. I am a super spy and master of disguise. Be super like me and eat steak on Thanksgiving!

I am not a turkey. I am a unicorn. I love walking on rainbows with my friends. I am a magical unicorn. I am so colorful. You wouldn't want to eat me would you?

Hold on! Hold on! I am a Grandma. Don't eat me, I have treats.

I am not a turkey. I am a businessman. Do you see my red tie and my briefcase, glasses, and my suit. 

I am not a turkey. I am Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. If you eat me then I can't help Santa because I am very important to him! So, do not eat me for Thanksgiving.

I am not a turkey. I am Mrs. Teacher, don't eat me. I work at school people will miss me! Who will teach yoga? Who will win Box Tops? Who will give hugs to my students? You can't take me away! I am loved.

I am Superman. I am human, not a turkey. I will go find other good guys and vanish the bad guys. Have fun other turkeys. Oops... I mean humans.

I may look like a turkey but check out my horn. I am a uni-turkey. You wouldn't eat the world's only uni-turkey, would you?

I am not a turkey. I am a black bunny. Look at my long ears. I have a turkeyfic necklace!

Hi! I am a soccer player from Argentina. I like to play other turkeys... oops I mean soccer players. I play in the Turkey Cup. I mean the World Cup.

I am not a turkey. I am an artist. I paint pictures all day for turkeys... oops I meant people. See I have an apron and a fancy hat. You should not eat turkeys, just buy one of my paintings.

And this concludes this year's turkeys, or rather, non-turkeys!
For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a blessed day whether it be with family or friends, or maybe both if you're at my house.
Keep making memories.