Wednesday 13 September 2023

Fully Finished Gallery ~ September 2023 đŸ–Œ

Welcome to Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery SAL for September. I'm getting ready for October!
Be sure to have a look and see what others have finished this time.

Family Portrait - Just Cross Stitch Halloween Magazine 2013
Even better, I actually had the Tokens and Trifles sewing card. I filled in the background, I didn't like how it looked without it.

Pumpkit - Just Cross Stitch Halloween Magazine 2018
This was just too cute that I couldn't NOT stitch it!

And here they are together on my Halloween tree. Most of the ornaments are Mill Hill, but not anymore.

Not sure what I have planned for next month...

Friday 8 September 2023

A sweet find!đŸ§”

I saw this on our local Buy Nothing page for our area and threw my name in the hat to get it.

And I got it!
I cleaned it up as best as I could to display it asap. It needed some cover up until I fix the top, and since it's getting to be that time, I knew what to put on it.

The sewing machine inside was still there, but it came out and wouldn't stay in place. So I left it out and stored it away. Undecided if I'll clean it up enough to try and use it, it's a bit of a mess!