Sunday 31 July 2022

Closing the Chapter on June 📕

June welcomed back the church's annual Clarksville Picnic which I volunteered at for almost two weeks.
That means finding treasures you never knew you were missing!
Although I was in the pricing room, I never priced anything I wanted to get; I waited until it was marked and then paid that price.
This was one of those treasures, a Yonanas soft serve maker. It was priced at $3 and I happily paid it even if didn't work out in the end. 

Basically you start with frozen bananas and then alternate adding whatever other frozen fruit you like. The first time I made it, my girlfriend Kim came over for a girls night and she laughed at it. After we made it (with bananas and mangos), she quickly apologized because it was delicious!
So far I've used mangos, blueberries, peaches, and strawberries. I want to try blackberries, pineapple, and maybe kiwi. There are plenty of "recipes" for other things, including Irish Coffee... yes, please!
Kim ended up looking online, found it at Walmart and ended up ordering one. She had friends try it after she got it and they ordered it too. Auntie Leela said she was going to get one and told her family in London about it and they are supposed to get it too! Let me know if you end up getting one, even without a taste test!
Easy clean up and after mixing it up when it's finished, it's perfect. I usually freeze half of it for the next day.

There weren't a lot of stitched pieces for sale, but these are the ones I saved. Sadly, none of them were signed by the person who stitched it. I always add my initials and date, even if it's on the back. I thought most people do, but maybe not. Do you?

This treat was $20, and I plan to paint or stain it and change the handles. I want to use this to put my fabric in, it should be easier to find it in there.

I showed this to DH and the Gmen, but they weren't interested. Such a shame, I thought it was cool!

On the day of the picnic, Nathan helped out with the youth group's dunking booth and I was the first one to dunk him. Such fun!

This was not found at the picnic, but I forgot to post it for my birthday. Dear Karen bought this for my birthday at The Stitching Post's model sale they had. I love it! I actually bought the chart years ago and hadn't stitched it yet, and here it is all finished and framed! It does look lighter in daylight, it's lovely.
I asked a few of the ladies in the shop who stitched it, but they couldn't remember.

And just like that, June was over and now it's almost August! I'll catch up eventually.

Saturday 30 July 2022

What happened to June❓❗

Back to the real world and trying to get back into blogging. I have still been stitching everyday, so that's something.

The real world meant a retreat for me in June, a funtastic getaway!
This was Flower Power in Pennsylvania, a wonderful time with friends.

My roommate, Karen, was able to come to this one!

Our table, these girls are so much fun!

The Grab Bag Exchange, the word was TULIP.

This was the box I picked from Eda. She made the project bag and pincushion, aren't they sweet?

This was my exchange - the U was hard, but I saw unscented lotion at The Stitching Post for the win!
... are the two lips in the dark!

Plenty of choices for shopping too.

What I purchased (and was gifted) from Janis @Noteworthy Needle. I'll be as busy as a bee!

My purchases from Silkweaver Fabrics and a needle threader from Rovaris.

Needleminders from Annette @Mind Your Needle. So happy to have the German and Welsh gnomes!

I purchased some smaller bags from Peggy and Roberta @BFF Pouches and Bags, and then had this one specially made since I wanted to fit my Gathering Honey in it. I love it!

Then it was mid June, and time for my birthday.
Flowers, a stitching gift certificate, a new ipad, and a much desired Wicked Witch I've been searching for for a long time, from dear Kerri!

A delicious dinner with family and us girls enjoyed some amazing crushes! 

This year I requested a chocolate cake with orange icing. DH did a great job, it was wonderful!

June isn't over, yet to come...the church picnic goodies and some recent stitching.
I'll do my best to backtrack on blog reading, but might have to settle for reading your most recent posts.

Sunday 24 July 2022

Mom's Memorial ⛪

We had my Mom's memorial two weeks ago day.
I still find it hard to believe she's been gone since April. We all miss her dearly, especially my Dad.

We had a lovely gathering with friends and family by her beloved chapel. There were poems, prayers, music, and memories for her. I read what I wrote about her precious hands.
The cardinals wind spinner was a gift for my Dad in memory of my Mom from my sister-in-law and older brother, he loved it.

My nieces made cupcakes for the luncheon, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. They were delicious, especially the strawberry ones!

Dad was a little disappointed that more photos weren't taken by him or others, but being there without worrying about photos was more important! But we did get some before it was over, so that was nice.

My "sisters" from elementary and jr high.

These wonderful ladies helped my Mom out so much.

My older brother's best friend since they were in elementary school.

My Dad had this sweet bear made from my Momma's nightgown. My brothers each received one and he had one made for him out of another nightgown that he liked. A treasure for us all.

It truly was a wonderful day spent with dear friends and family. Thank you to those who were able to join us in remembering my precious Momma. I know there were many who wanted to join us but were unable to be there, thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

Now the hard part continues, not having her with us. I keep reminding myself that she's where she wants to be, pain free and with Jesus! 
Until we meet again, I love you my precious Momma.