4th Birthday!
Griffin/Power Rangers.  Garrett/Race track

5th Birthday!
Garrett/Spiderman.  Griffin/Buzz Lightyear

6th Birthday!
Griffin/Army.  Garrett/Construction

7th Birthday!

Garrett/Spongebob.  Griffin/Bionicles


8th Birthday!
Griffin/Darth Vader.  Garrett/Magician Bunny

9th Birthday!

Griffin/Army Tank.  Garrett/SpongeBob

 1st Birthday!
Nathan loving his cake

10th Birthday!
Garrett/Smores cake.  Griffin/Army Tank 

2nd Birthday!
Nathan and Maximus share their birthday

11th Birthday!
Alas, no more fun cakes – they’re too old for that

3rd Birthday!
Nathan and Maximus share their day, but no cake for Max.

12th Birthday!
Griffin/Horrors, store bought!  Garrett/Lemon 

4th Birthday!
It’s Nathan’s turn to love Spongebob!!!

13th Birthday!
They celebrated their birthday at the lake this year.

5th Birthday!
Nathan's turn at the firehouse with his Finn McMissile cake!

14th Birthday!
Lemon cake at Nana's house.

6th Birthday!
Iron Man Nathan at gymnastics.


15th Birthday and Nana's 90th!

7th Birthday!
Transformers at Laser Tag

 16th Birthday!
Ice cream cake for the big boys

 8th Birthday!
Lego cake at Laser Tag

  17th Birthday!
The last one they got to share with Nana.

  9th Birthday!
He wanted a simple cake - bears in "sleeping bags" since he had a sleepover.

18th Birthday!
Had to embarrass them at school!

10th Birthday!
Another sleepover, but with Pikachu too!

19th Birthday!
First birthday apart, but they both wanted Margarita cakes!

11th Birthday!
This year with a friends and a game truck.

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Drew Watts said...

Wow! What a fantastic post! The cakes look mouth-watering. I really like how you have framed this post. My kid is also turning 17 this year and I am planning to book an event space Atlanta for her birthday party. I really liked how you collected all the pictures from the past and added it here. I will make a collage for her like this.