Wednesday 30 November 2022

Still having fun in Oct and Nov!🍂

In October, we headed to West Virginia to the M's family house. We've been invited for years and we finally were able to make it happen!

On our way to WV, passing by Harpers Ferry. (I'll be there this weekend!)

Not sure where this was, but I got a quick pic.

This is the view from their back deck, gorgeous!

I had company while stitching, although it was only for one evening.

More views and fun!

You really need to watch where you're going there, it looks like there's trouble all over.

Can't forget the pups!
We had a great time with this wonderful family, more news to come...
Nathan was a little hesitant with the dogs, but they were such sweethearts.

Back at home, the weather had been beautiful enough to stitch outside and I enjoyed it as long as I could.

And then poof, it's Nathan's birthday and he's 16!
And he only had a tiny bit of chocolate on his mouth this year.

Lots of celebrating when you're 16!

Oct and Nov were spent with friends and also Nathan's band concert.

I had a small finish, but not fully finished yet.

Coming up next post, exciting news!

Thursday 24 November 2022

I am not a Turkey... 🦃

Ah, the start of this yearly event began with our cute little Nathan in 1st grade, now a 10th grader with attitude!
I asked him the other night what his 15 year old self would say now about not being a turkey. Let's just say my blog is not for politics and that's where he was heading! 😆

Here are the 1st graders this year with their amazing imagination and creativity!

My name is Princess Butterball... I mean Buttercup. My favorite color is pink. I love anything that sparkles and glitters. Watch me dance.

I'm not a turkey I'm the Bad Seed. I don't put things where they go and I lie about pointless stuff. You don't want to eat me! I even got put in jail.

I am not a turkey. I am a soccer player. I play soccer and I am a goalie. I am number 29. When the ball comes close to the goal, I like to kick it.

I am not a turkey! I am pink and I have a black belt and a black mask. I am ninja turkey. Oops, I mean ninja pig.

I am not a turkey. I am the short stop for the Boston Red Sox. I can hit a ball and run around the bases. The red on my shirt stands for red turkey. Oops.

I am not a turkey. I am Hulk Smash. I like to lift turkeys. If you eat me I will smash you.

I am a big orange pumpkin. I can roll away. Pumpkins are for decorating houses in the fall season. I stay in a pumpkin patch. I have lots of pumpkin friends.

I am not a turkey! I have brown boots so I can't fall in the snow. I bring presents. The S.A. stands for sant-a-turkey.

I am a cheerleader not a turkey. My name is Addison. I make people excited about eating beef. It is good and healthy.

I am not a turkey. I am iron bird! You can't eat me I am too hard to eat. I will break your teeth.

I am not a turkey. I twirl with my tutu. I dance in the stage. I have a tutu stand "Ballerina Turkey". Oops... I mean Ballerina! 

I am not a turkey. I am a fox. I like to play and eat. I am on a turkey farm tour. I brought them red cherries. My tail is so pretty.

I am not a turkey. I love football. I cheer for the Green Bay Packers!

I am not a turkey. I am the prince of Turkey. See my royal robes.

I am not a turkey. Would  a turkey carry handcuffs? I am wearing a blue vest and hat. I like to help people. I am a police turkey, I mean officer.

I am not a turkey. I am Santa Claus. See, I have a white fluffy beard, red coat and black shiny boots. I also say "Ho, Ho, Ho."

I am not a turkey. I am speedy, just like lightning. I am the Flash. Now you see me... now you don't!

I am not a turkey. I am a police officer. I help people to stay safe. Don't eat me or I will arrest you!

I am not a turkey. I shine above the dance floor. I like to spin. I am a disco ball.

I am not a turkey. I have a helmet over my head. I live in space. I am Darth Vader.

I am not a turkey. I love to dance. I like to twirl. I love to wear tutus. I am a pink ballerina.

People should not eat me because I am a grandpa. You would not eat your grandpa, would you? I would not! If you eat your grandpa, you would not be happy.

I am not a turkey. My name is Kiera and I am an Irish dancer. I wear my cool dress and soft shoes when I dance reels.

I am a baby and you should not eat me. I like to play with blocks and suck my pacifier. I am wearing a sleeper.

I am not a turkey. You can't eat me. I love to wear dresses. I have a crown and I am always nice to the villagers. I am princess Sophia.

Hi! I do ballet, what was that? You said I was a turkey! I told you I do ballet, I'm a ballerina! I'm not a turkey "cluck"!

I eat people. I have a big tail. I am scaly. I am... I am... turkey Dino. Oops... I mean dinosaur.

I am Princess Bozeny, I am not a turkey. I live in a magical palace and I love to sing and dance in my castle. My animal friends are magical too. The dog, cat, horses, and birds will put a spell on you if you eat a turkey, but don't try to eat me because I am Princess Bozeny, not a turkey!

I am not a turkey. I quietly fly at night to leave treats for kids who lose their teeth. I have something special hanging from my neck. It is not a wattle. It is my special tooth fairy necklace! Where else would I keep the teeth I collect?

I am not a turkey. I hold my golf clubs and ride golf carts. I also wear collared shirts. I love playing golf on the course. I am a pro Turkey. Oops... I mean pro golfer!

What are you talking about? I'm a scientist, not a turkey. See the test tube in my pocket and my long white beard? That's the proof. If you tried to eat me, I would taste like a potion. Don't think this mad scientist is a turkey!

I am not a turkey. I am a figure skater. I like to dance on the ice. I can draw on the ice with my marker. I have a ribbon in my hand.

I'm not a turkey! Turkeys can't swim! Do you like my swim cap and goggles? I am the best turkey... uh... I mean swimmer on the team.

I am a Turkey Scout. Oops... I mean a Cub Scout. We learn life skills, play awesome games and go camping too. We work on our rank adventures and earn our badges. We always do our best! Come and join and be a Cub Scout just like me!

I am a pretty bride. Today I'm getting married, so you can't eat me. I have jewelry, makeup, and a dress on. Instead of turkey we will eat fish and cake! Congrats to the new Mrs. Eagle!

I am not a turkey. I run fast and kick the ball to my teammate. I wear a jersey and I am number 11. I am a soccer player.

Every turkey needs a fairy Godmother to look over them at Thanksgiving.

I am a witch. I fly on a broom. I cast spells. I cackle. I don't gobble!

I am not a turkey. I am fluffy. I like to eat grass. I like to play outside. Please do not eat me. Thank you.

I am not a turkey. I am a pizza chef. I make pizza for people to eat. Pizza is yumy for Thanksgiving.

I am Spiderman. I am not a turkey! I help people with my Spider powers. Do not eat me! I taste like spider webs.

Please do not eat this bird. He is the mascot for the Orioles. If you eat him they will lose.

I am not a turkey! I am a policeman. Try to eat me and I will arrest you!

I am not a turkey. I am another fluffy and soft farm animal. I like to yell "Gobbaaaale" oops I mean baaa!

I am not a turkey. I run really fast and I have little things to teleport me places. I am sonic the Turkey. oops, I am sonic!!!

I am not a turkey. I am a golf player the best golf player you ever saw. I like to play on the golf course.

I am not a turkey. I have been on many fields. I like to play baseball and I have won a lot. Go Orioles!

I am not a turkey because I live in the sea. I have a tail. I have pink and purple hair.

I am not a turkey. I have a blue light saber, and I defeated Kylo Ren. My name is Obi Wan Kenobi!

I am not a turkey. I hop with my Easter eggs. I love to eat carrots. I enjoy hiding eggs for others to find. My name is Char - the Easter Turkey.

I am not a turkey. I am a person who swims in the water.

I am a mermaid. I live in the water. I have a tail and I smell like fish and I won't be yummy. I am Ariel the turkey, oops I mean Ariel the mermaid.

I am not a turkey because I nibble people and it really hurts. I like to eat cheese and go into places that are dark and cramped. Sometimes I play in trash and get really disgusting. I won't taste very good.

I am not a turkey. I fly in the sky looking down for any trouble. I like hanging out with the Justice League. My name is "Bat Turkey".

I am not a turkey. I am the Commerce Comet. Between 1951-1968, I hit 536 home runs. I was the greatest switch hitter of all time.

Another year to be thankful, no matter if you celebrate Thanksgiving or not! I know I have plenty to be thankful for, today and every day.