Thursday 27 July 2023

Fun at the Flower Power Retreat ✌❤ 🪡

And whoosh, just like that, it seems like forever ago! 
This was the Flower Power retreat in June, hosted by Linda and Annette @LinAnn Events.

This sweet piece was stitched by Helene and framed by Kim. It's a lovely addition to the Flower Power display.

Most of the room, empty but one.

Our hot mess of a table!

Our free pattern and goodies.

Sara @Sister Lou Stitches had her lovely patterns available, they are so cute!

Annette @Mind Your Needle always has so many needle minders and fobs, it's hard to pick just one!

Just a small section of the needle minders.

And such fun fobs!

I was trying to be good, but had to have these treasures. The mermaid goes perfectly with the scissors from the goodie bag.

The lovely Janis @Noteworthy Needle was also there. I'm looking forward to taking her Change of Seasons class at our next retreat.

A couple of other goodies I couldn't resist.

It wouldn't be a LinAnn retreat without Jimmy @Needlework with Jim!

This is Annette's photo of BFF Bags. Sadly, they are closing up shop soon but we still had lots to choose from!

I already had the tea bag, perfect for my traveling teas. But I couldn't resist the other two!

I showed this in a previous post, it was finished in Annette's (Mind Your Needle) cube finishing class.
Still not thrilled with the skull/spider's web, but I had a time crunch and I had to stick with it before the finishing class.

The "flip" side for spring/summer.

Once again, a better view of what each side looks like.

An amazing, beautiful finish by Barb, it took her five stitching years to finish it! As much as I love mermaids, I'm not sure I'd have the patience to stitch this one.

The Grab Bag Exchange, so many and such fun!

The word was PETAL and this is what I put together.
I found the cute pig planter and thought it needed some pink.

Two of the ones I picked were "grabbed" and this is what I got to keep in the end.
A lovely box put together by Linda, with a Pincushion, Embroidery thread, Thimble, Aida, and a Light. All useful and appreciated!

I ended up winning all this amazing fabric from Jimmy as my little pig was one out of two for most creative. What a nice surprise, so many beautiful colours!

So are you ready for some drama entertainment?!
Saturday afternoon, I went to our room during the afternoon to get a drink. The hallway AND our room smelled rather "skunky". I told our table when I came back down and when Karen went to our room, it still smelled. So she went to the front desk to let them know. Fast forward to that evening going to bed, the smell had pretty much cleared and we saw a grandma being helped to her room by her family as she had obviously enjoyed herself at a wedding reception! I was having a hard time going to sleep because it started to smell again in our room, and about 2:15am, the fire alarm started going off in the hallway. I tried to wake Karen, but she didn't wake up until our room fire alarm started going off a few minutes later. And boy was THAT loud!
We peeked out the door and looked down the hall, people were starting to leave their rooms. So we took a quick bathroom visit, put on our shoes, I grabbed my purse, and we headed out the door! The hallway smelled like burnt pot, nasty.
We ended up staying outside for about an hour. Good thing I had my car keys, we had a place to sit.
Long story short - The family helping grandma was causing quite the commotion after midnight and someone called the front desk as well as the police.
Fast forward to the fire alarm - it was pulled because that family had trashed the room and tried to set fire to the carpet... with marijuana?! They apparently fled the hotel as soon as the alarm went off. I'm pretty sure they'll be found since they have their credit card information and ID!
Still a rough night for sleeping, the ventilation on our floor was terrible and still stunk in our room.

But having these ladies at our table certainly made for a fun weekend!

And here's our fantastic group. This will be a retreat to remember for sure!

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Fully Finished Gallery ~ July 2023 🖼

Welcome to Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery SAL for July. Living on the edge, I finished two today!
Be sure to have a look and see what others have finished this time.

I finished this cute Mill Hill to hang, or use with a magnet.

In June, I won Felicia's giveaway on her Instagram account, Mouse Potato Designs. I was able to choose a pattern from Carolyn @kiralynsneedlearts and this is what I chose. I thought it was so sweet!

I changed the green parts to a periwinkle/purple, I wanted some more colour to mine. I already had the paint for the frame, so here it is.

Now for this finish.
I bought the "big" cactus from a friend who sells at the farmer's market in our area - The Salvaged Stitch.
I was given the precious little pattern by Rachel herself! It was a consolation prize from a delayed guess on her Blogoversary giveaway. The pattern is from Fuzzy Fox DesignsAnd the best part? Her name is Astrid!
I've been meaning to stitch her and decided this would be a different finish.
So thank you so very much, Rachel. This was a fun, quick stitch, I love it!

Now to catch up and see what the others have finished.

Sunday 16 July 2023

May Literally Flew By! ✈

 A very delayed posting for May!
DH and I took an evening flight to New Orleans to celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary in May. We decided to visit my brother and sister-in-love since we don't get to spend much time with them.

We stayed the night in NOLA until my brother came to pick us up the following day and take us back to their house in Baton Rouge.
Some lovely Black Eyed Susans (Maryland's state flower) in New Orleans.

I got my Beignets, yum! Although not in the French Market location.

We had fun walking around and visiting all the lovely shops...

And bars! I had a frozen drink that I had to drink very slowly and have a sit down, it was powerful!

Mermen made nice window displays in this shop, oh my!

There is a stitching shop there, The Quarter Stitch, but mainly needlepoint and knitting. So many beautiful pieces and the angels were gorgeous.

They did have a small area of cross stitch, and I bought this one to stitch.

Before my brother came to pick us up later that afternoon, we had lunch at Butcher. Delicious and fun!

This is their backyard, complete with pups, Dixie, Rose and Loki. Isn't it beautiful? And that dragon, love it! 

Rose and Loki keeping me company while stitching.

The next day, we went to Houmas House Gardens to wander around, it was so lovely.

The next day was our anniversary and we headed back to New Orleans for the day.
Sights in the French Quarter.

We went to The Spotted Cat for drinks and to listen to the music.

This is one of the songs they were playing... 
🎜"We are, 🎶so happily married..."🎝
The perfect song for our anniversary that day!
I wish I could tell you who the band was, but I can't remember and couldn't find them anywhere.

My lovely SIL bought me this fun shirt and I brought the cups home for the cats water.

Then we headed to Deutsches Haus, as we have heard so much about it from them we just had to go. Their girls had a brick made in honour of our Momma, it was so nice to see it.

More sweet gifts from my SIL, gnomes and a Nuremberg Bridal Cup.

The day we left, we went to LSU for brunch and to see Mike the Tiger. But all we could see was his paws since he was sleeping in a corner.

We had a wonderful time together and already look forward to our next time, just don't know when yet.

I was able to stitch on the plane, before dozing off!

Almost home, flying past the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.