Thursday 31 August 2023

The 1st Grace Notes Retreat 🎶

Through friends, I heard about a retreat from Grace Notes Fabrics and I was ready to join them!

Three weeks ago today, I traveled to Pennsylvania, not that far from me.

You can already see the beautiful fabric they have to offer.

We had tickets in our goodie bag and could also earn more tickets with games in the booklet we received. These were the items available for the raffle. So many lovely things!

These were on the brag tables, all stitched on Grace Notes Fabric. Lots of amazing stitching on gorgeous fabric. I hope to be able to add to it next year.

The Grace Notes Retreat Crew, they all made it such fun!

Jamey, Hannah, Colleen, Corrin, John, Sheri, Allison, and Karla

This was my area of our table, just a little bit of a hot mess.

And what's a retreat without the giveaway table?!

This is what I came home with.

Our goodie bag came with this booklet, which included plenty of sweet patterns and games.

There were lots of goodies inside!

And also very generous stitchers who gave out their own goodies.

This was the set up for shopping, as well as patterns on the left side against the wall.

I was mainly interested in fabric, especially for this piece. I wanted to use purple for the witches and the one I had started before just didn't look right to me.
I found this and it's perfect!

I also bought all these smaller pieces to stitch who knows what on. I just love all those gorgeous colours!

Sheri (of the Notes Crew) made this beautiful quilt for a raffle to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and Precious Life... $1000 was raised!

And with the leftover fabric, Sheri made every one of us a needle book, what a treasure!
And can I say, there were tears.

Each table had a frog and when announced, the person who had it because they were frogging, received a prize - I won the little imagine book.
Also shown is the needle book from Sheri and the boo boo stick that was in the goodie bag I forgot to show.
Last win was the actual frog which I got. Sadly, we spend quite a bit of time together!

Fran and I each had a finish, yay!

I then worked on The Snowflower Diaries, which I'm way behind on. October was a porcupine and a snail, but I wanted something more for Halloween and wanted to use one of Maja's actual designs. I decided to make her witch into a bunny, based on another one of her designs. I still have to finish the bottom part and add more flowers. I know it's not quite like the rest of the series, but I like it!

Here's a reminder of what the rest look like.

And besides cross stitching, there was some bobbin lace happening with Arlene. So beautiful, but I'm not sure I'd have the patience to attempt it.

Our Grace Notes Retreat Group!

And here's our table of stitchers.🥰

This is what I've been working on since getting the perfect fabric there.
Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow.

So for their first retreat, it was an AMAZING one! Thank you for making it such a memorable weekend.
Everyone was so wonderful and friendly, and the place was perfect. I'm already looking forward to next year!

Sunday 13 August 2023

Fully Finished Gallery ~ August 2023 🖼

Welcome to Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery SAL for August. It was a sweet finish this month!
Be sure to have a look and see what others have finished this time.

I've had this stitched for a while, but wasn't sure how to finish it. I had this frame and decided it would look good in it.
I couldn't get it to align, only to realize I was a stitch off. Luckily it was only three stitches.

I love this little guy from Mill Hill, he was a fun stitch.

I glued this little piece on the back so it would stand up. It's actually a place card holder I found online.

A rather small beehive to go with the gnome?!

That is all for now, I hope for more next time!

I'll have a retreat post coming soon, it was a fantastic one!