Tuesday 29 March 2011

Prayers, please! *3rd Update*

Late 3/31 Per Nina - Just an update, my mom was an organ donor, so we are now waiting for a surgeon to come in and harvest her kidneys and her corneas. This will take place tomorrow morning at 11:30. My aunt is here, she was able to see mom this evening. Hug the ones you love and remember to tell them. Thanks for the prayers, please keep them coming.

3/31 Per Nina - We have a very difficult day ahead of us, decisions have been made to terminate my mother's life support. Due to the stroke she has suffered severe brain damage. She would never return the fabulous, glitzy woman she was, thank you all for your prayers . Please keep them coming the next few days are going to be hard.

3/30, This is from Nina this morning - My mom is not doing good! They have taken her off sedation and she is not responsive. We need a miracle. They will be doing an EEG and a second cat scan, will update you all later! Please keep praying. 
It will be at least 48 hours before we will know if she is going to wake up, I'm so blessed to have such great friends and family to keep our spirits up.

After arriving here at 5:45 this morning, we are at the hotel. going to have dinner and get some rest. We are awating the results of some tests. But so far my mom is not responsive to any kind of stimulation. Keep the prayers coming..

Please pray for GBusy, she had a stroke today and is now on life support.  This is my girlfriend Nina's mother and she lives in North Carolina.  Nina and family are traveling there tonight, it's about a 7-8 hour drive - please pray for their safe journey and that they can make it there to say goodbye if that's what's meant to be.

She came to the boys "Superbowl" football game in the fall and she was as rowdy as everyone else!  She's got a lot more BUSY in her, please Lord, let her show it! 

Sunday 27 March 2011

Amish and More Quilts

Amish farming is hard work!

This is still in Lancaster, but taken at our last girls weekend.  I think the open buggies with children in them are the best, but this one went right by the house we were staying in.

 Here are some more of HJ's quilts, I think this one might just be my favorite.  I love the colours of fall and the leaves on this quilt are only sewn down the middle so they "flap"!  Love it!

How cute are her jars of fruits and veggies?  Although I'm thinking they may be better filled with chocolate and candy for my house!


Looking back, I really should have written down the the type of quilts they were when she was telling us.  So, if you're interested, I'll find out.

This is only a portion of what HJ has made, many have been given away and I didn't take pictures of every one she had there.  

HJ helped me finish a gift for my BFF while we were there, but I still need to get the hanging supplies before I give it to her and show it.  She did a fantastic job and even though she asked if I wanted to do it, I was lacking in confidence.  It sure looked easy, but we'll see how it looks when I try it!

Another fabulous weekend and we are already planning our next one!  I think some antique shopping is in our future too.

Wednesday 23 March 2011

Quilts and a finished SAL!

After the quilt show, after lunch at Good 'N Plenty, after shopping at the Amish and/or Mennonite quilt shops, after spending the night in Lancaster, after shopping at some of the outlet stores, and finally, after another quilt shop and then lunch... we finally headed back to HJ's!  
HJ retired in December and moved to Pennsylvania from Virginia.  She moved next to her son and his family, into the nicest little house which has a HUGE craft/quilting room.  
She might be in the middle of nowhere, but she's in her own world here!

Here she is, showing her stuff.  She has made some beautiful quilts and I'll show you more on my next post.  Bet you didn't know that animals love shoes too!


I met DJ & Marie today to do some stitching and finally finished my first Margaret Sherry cat! I think my problem was that I was trying to make it look more like Max and couldn't quite get it right. Although it looks like there is a stain to the left of the cake, there is something wrong with the camera, not the fabric! 

I'm not sure if Max really cares for it, or maybe he's just interested in the cake!

Friday 18 March 2011

Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA

It's a quilt show/girls weekend! I wish I had the patience to make them, but instead I can only admire them. There were so many amazing quilts, I'm really in awe of all you quilt makers out there! So my question is - pictures were allowed to be taken, but can I post them here? Maybe as long as I give credit to the person?
I did buy a little set of scissors and a kit of some sort, but not quilt related - that will have to be another post.

Of course we HAD to go shopping after the show! We went to quite a few quilting stores and the one cross stitch store I knew of was gone... darn it!  I need to check online to see if there is another one near here before we leave tomorrow.

I love the Amish farms and the buggies going down the road, the children in their Amish clothing, and the quilts hanging out to dry on the line.  It was an absolutely beautiful day to see the sights of the country.

After stopping at a furniture store, HJ bought a very nice quilt rack (she's our quilter), this place was next door calling my name!  So here I sit with my plastic cup of wine, chilling out and thinking I should be stitching... but maybe tomorrow night.

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Signs of Spring, finally!

So the day after DH replaced the battery in my car, it wouldn't start the next morning, grrrr! We ended up taking it to the dealership that night after he was able to jump start it. Since it was going there, I also mentioned that the sunroof had been leaking when it was out in the rain. Well, I got a call the next day to say that the drainage hole from the sunroof was blocked and there was about four gallons of water in my car. They pulled the carpet up and sent it over the ovens in the body shop to dry and then placed a heater and fan in the car to dry it out - hoping it would be dry on Monday. That's why the battery wasn't working, it was getting wet. Who knew it was sitting under the floor, behind the passenger seat in all that water! Good thing we have the good old minivan to drive around.

On a brighter note, seeing signs of spring is a wonderful thing! Of course that also means that we really need to clean out the flower beds, they are a mess as you can see. I find it hard to get to involved in the yard since we are still talking about redoing our house and so then I think, why bother. But talk is cheap so I'd better get busy with it sooner than later!  If only I could open the doors and windows when it gets really nice, but that invites the stink bugs in and they are just nasty little things.  Any of you know what I'm talking about?

Getting ready to meet DJ for some stitching, just need to get dressed, gather my stuff and drop Nathan of at preschool before heading out. I've been working on my Margaret Sherry cat, trying to make it look like Max, but it's not going so well. Not sure I really like the way it looks so I'm hoping DJ will give me some thought to it! And I need to start my owls too!

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Electronic Overload & Slow Stitching

Just call me the electronic killer, my laptop is down... again. Along with my camera, phone charger, and as of yesterday morning, my car battery!  I'm crossing my fingers for my phone and camcorder to keep going!  Laptop will have to be sent away to be fixed, waiting to order a new camera, phone charger on its way and DH just replaced my battery - yeah!

I've been working on my Margaret Sherry cat, but didn't get as much done as I wanted to over last weekend. We went to the lake and worked on the house a little more, but we haven't finished decorating yet. I also joined the Oakhaven Designs Group and need to start working on my owls - they are too cute!

So since I have no stitching pictures to show, here are my "bookends" instead. When they're not snuggling me, you can normally find them on the TV. That is, until one of them falls off while sleeping!

Looking forward to tomorrow, I'm meeting DJ for a quick shop, lunch and hopefully some stitching. That is if we don't need a boat to get out of the house if it's supposed to rain as much as they say!

Friday 4 March 2011

New Moon TUSAL for March!

Hidden amongst the dragons, the TUSAL is slowing growing.  Still not as much as I’d like, but pretty good for me!

This is my Nathan’s collection of dragons - the theme in his room is castles, dragons and knights.  I’m hoping he won’t outgrow it anytime soon, but if he does I’m sure I’ll find a home for everything.

2011 New Moon Dates:  January 4th, February 3rd, March 4th, April 3rd, May 3rd, June 1st, July 1st, July 30th, August 29th, September 27th, October 26, November 25th, December 24th

Tuesday 1 March 2011

Dydd Gwŷl Dewi Sant hapus!

Happy St. David's Day!!!!

In his last sermon David told his monks to "do the little things, the small things you've seen me doing".
...it reminds us that the primary things for us are the relationships around us, the need to work at what's under our hands, what's within our reach.

Flying the Welsh flag at my parents house.

 Mom & Dad’s “baby” – poor thing!