Saturday 30 November 2019

Scavenger Photo Hunt, November 📷

No way can it be December tomorrow, so let's enjoy November today! It's time for Katie's I live, I love, I craft, I am me ... scavenger photo hunt this month.

The words for November are...

Seasonal View
A beautiful fall October evening. This was taken during one of my walks.

Man, I hate it when this happens! Drinking and flying is obviously not a good combo either.

These were taken at Koki Beach at the Hamoa Village in Hawaii. We were travelling on the road to Hana and stopped here for the boys to go swimming. 
That little island is Alau Island, it's off the Maui coast and we could see it from Koki Beach.

I stitched this card, but decided to keep it to display because I thought it was too cute to give away!

One of them have stripes! These are our Gmen, just before Halloween after moving into our house over 21 years ago.
Such a cutie little bee and dinosaur!

My Own Choice
Having fun with my Momma. OMGoodness, so much laughter last weekend! I thought my Dad was going to pee his pants he was laughing so hard!

Another fun month, now I need to see what the others have posted. See you in January!

Friday's Stitching Ground 🛋

Well Thanksgiving threw me for a loop, I forgot yesterday was Friday, although I did stitch! No Jack Ryan last night, just stitching with the kitties while watching Warehouse 13, a series I found on Amazon Prime. Sort of like a version of X-Files.

I'm almost finished with Santa Visits Maryland. I just need to add the white to his hat and make his eyes blue instead of green as suggested. Of course I had my usual helpers.

This is what it looks like when I'm trying to blog, they like to help with that too!

So Thanksgiving, how was yours? We had a quiet one here with Gman1 spending it with his gf C's family - although they did spend the night Wednesday and came back late Thursday night.
Gman2 is still in Austria, here he is celebrating there. He comes home next month and we can't wait!

My chosen sister, Cori, joined us and brought cookies to decorate!

We had plenty of food, making for delicious leftovers! DH wanted a cheesecake and chose chocolate chip cookie dough. It turned out really well and "unfortunately" we have plenty more.

Do you stick to the usual for Thanksgiving, or add some new dishes or desserts to try?

Friday 29 November 2019

The People Chose 🍂🍁

Ah, my favourite time of year, Autumn! Take a look at Jo @Serendipitous Stitching to see more Autumnal Colours.

 Cottage Garden Sampling, My Garden Journal, September.

Cottage Garden Sampling, My Garden Journal, November.

Nora Corbett's Trick or Treat fairy.

I haven't quite decided if I'm finished with this, or if I want to add the top of the fence.

This is not my stitching, but I do have this pattern from the Fall Getaway I went to in October, I just need to stitch it.

Mill Hill, now I wonder if I should have added some colourful leaves.

I stitched this one for an exchange.

Another exchange.

My first project bag, also for an exchange, except it's tiny!

One of my favourite pictures, taken on the way to my parents house, outside of Cumberland.

Some colours at Deep Creek Lake.

Saving the best for last - Waxing Moon Designs, Autumn Things. I haven't fully finished it yet, but I'm thinking about using this type of fabric.

I'm not sure if next month has been decided, but probably a winter themed one?

Thursday 28 November 2019

I am not a Turkey...

 It's that special time of year again, time for the turkeys to disguise themselves and avoid Thanksgiving!
Here's where it all started, with Nathan in 1st grade. 

 And now for this year's creative first graders...

 Supergirl can fly and save people. She has laser vision to cut through metal and steel. Supergirl also gets her energy from the sun.

 I am a pumpkin. I am funny. I like to say Boo. I live at the farm. My name is Spooky. I taste delicious.

I am not a turkey. I am a football player. I won't be able to come to your dinner. I will be busy. Catch me on TV.

 I am not a turkey. I am a Ninja. I fight Bad guys all day!

I am the magnificent Turkey Potter. Although I have turkey in my name I am most certainly not a turkey. I am a wizard and go to Hogwarts.

Gobble! Oops, I mean Hi! I am not a turkey. I am Hermione. See I am standing right next to Hogwarts where Harry Potter lives.

I am not a turkey. I am a police officer Louis. Do not eat me because I am busy catching bag guys. If you eat me you will go to jail.

I am not a turkey. I am a ninja. Watch my awesome super ninja skills with my nunchucks. 

 I am not a turkey. I am a train with six small wheels and a short stumpy funnel. I go with cargo not gravy.

Hello my name is Princess Turkey. Oops... I mean Princess Tulip. My favorite food is pizza. In my kingdom everyone eats hot dogs and ice cream for Thanksgiving no turkeys are allowed.

  I am a scientist, I do experiments in my lab. I study on almost everything so if you eat me my chemicals will make you explode!

I am Santa Clause. Look at my white long beard. I go around giving good little turkeys toys. Oops! I mean kids!

I am not  turkey. I am Mittens Fluff n Stuff. I live in Lalaloopsy land and I love snow. My hair is made of yarn.

I am not a turkey. I am a princess. I have a magic wand. I can turn lettuce into salad. My crown is very sparkly. My mom and dad are a king and queen.

Don't eat me. I'm a ballerina. I am so good at dancing. It is fun to dance. Watch me as I dance away with my friends.

Let us build Legos on Thanksgiving instead of eating turkey!

Hi! I am not a turkey. I am Petey. Look at my stripes. I like to steal stuff and take it to my secret lab. But dog man always stops me.

I am not a turkey. I am a cheetah. It may be hard to find me because I'm camouflaged. I spend my day in the grassy fields of Africa with my family. 

Don't eat me because I am not a turkey. I am Mickey Mouse. I have a play house and you can't come in.

I am a creeper, not a turkey. But if you punch me, I will explode in your face. So don't eat me.

I am not a turkey. I am a beautiful ballerina! Look at my fancy tutu and pink slippers. Turkeys wear necklaces. Oops... I meant to say people!

I am a Turkey Scout. Oops... I mean a Cub Scout. We always do our best! From playing awesome games to working our rank adventures and earning badges.

I am police officer. I help turkey... oops, I mean people. I catch bad people! I keep people safe... So don't eat me!

I am a ninja. I am fast and quick. I can jump high. Ninja's help people. We do not taste good. Please don't eat me.

I am not a turkey. I am a zombie. Look at my green face. I walk around all day eating turkey brains. Oops! I mean people!

I am not a turkey. I am the Grinch. I do not like Christmas. You should eat ham. You will love it.

I am not a turkey. I am a food and candy bunny monster. Look at my tummy. It is full of candy and food. All day I eat a lot of candy and food. Gobble!

I am not a turkey. I am a ballerina. Look at me, I am beautiful, graceful, and strong. My moves are fluid and my lines are perfect. I can twirl on my toes and leap high.

I am not a turkey. I am a beautiful princess. If you think I'm a turkey then you are wrong. Look at my shiny pink crown. It has gems.

I am not a turkey. I am Super Mario. I jump high and run fast. I like to stop bad guys.

Hi! I am definitely not a turkey. I am Wonder Woman and I have super powers. I won't be able to save ??

Hi, I am Mr. T. My fellow turkey students, Oops! I mean people students. My pupil calls me professor T. I am very smart and funny.

I am a member of the United States Army. I help to fight the bad turkeys so that America stays safe. I am brave.

I am not a turkey. I am a unicorn cat. Look at my pointy ears and my pointy horn. I use my horn to grant many wishes.

Hi. My name is Sally. I was in a movie. My friend Jack Skellington will scare anyone who tries to eat me.

Hi! I am a soccer player. I am not a turkey! I am the best soccer player ever. Don't eat me! I have a shirt on and a soccer ball.

I am not a turkey. I am Saint Nick aka Santa Clause. I have rosy cheeks and a big belly. I wear a red suit and deliver lots of toys. I love to say ho, ho, ho!

I am not a turkey. I am Spiderman. Look at my spider web. I help others in trouble.

I am not a turkey. I am a ballerina. I am so sparkly. I love butterflies. My favorite color is purple. I like to grow flowers in my backyard.

I am not a turkey. I am Superman. Look at my red cape. I fly around all day helping other turkeys, oops... I mean people.

I am not a turkey. I am a cleaner. Look at my tools. I love to clean houses for turkeys. Oops... I mean people! On Thanksgiving.

I am queen of Columbia and for Thanksgiving I am having a ball dinner. You can't eat me because I am royalty. I am inviting guests to eat chicken, mashed potatoes.

I am not a turkey. I am a soldier in the army. My job is to defend our country and protect the people of our nation. I put my long neck on the line daily.

I am not a turkey. I am a baseball player, Juan Solo. I play for the Nationals and I just won the world series.

I am not a turkey. I am a knight. I protect lands, kings, and Queens. Also I work with other turkey knights. Oops, I mean people!

I am Deadpool, I am a turkey... oops... I am not! I heal fast, I have feathers. Wait... oops... I don't... I have katanas. 

I am not a turkey. I am an army man. I protect people. And I am in camouflage. 

I am not a turkey. I am a soldier. I have a helmet and combat boots and a uniform. I protect the country and turkies, I mean people.

I am not a turkey! I am Santa. I don't say gobble. I say HoHoHo. I don't have feathers. I have red coat. If you eat me at Thanksgiving you will not have presents.

I am not a turkey. I am a hyena. Do you see my teeth? Turkeys don't have teeth! I would actually eat turkeys.

I am not a turkey, I am Spiderman! If you try to eat me then I will put a web around you. I am red and blue.

I am not a turkey. I am a zebra. Look at my stripes. I am busy getting ready for Thanksgiving... I mean looking for grass to eat.

I am a princess. Yes, that's right, I am a princess, not a turkey. I wear crowns not feathers. I live in a castle, not a farm. My food is 5 stars, not seed. Even if I'm a turkey which I'm not.

I am not a turkey. I am a football player for the Baltimore Ravens. I am the quarterback. On Thanksgiving, I am going to play football.

I am a turkey. I am having a wedding. I lost weight to fit into my suit. Please do not eat me!

I am not a turkey! Don't eat me! I am a soldier in the US Marines. I protect you, so why would you want to eat me?

This is not a turkey, this is Santa Claus. I bring presents to all people. I wear a red coat and black boots.

I am not a turkey. I am Saint Isabelle. I am the patroness of the sick.

I am not a turkey. I am a soccer player named Tobin. My team won the Women's World Cup this year.

I am Spiderman. I am a superhero. I fight crime. I go around saving people. I make sure that villains are in jail. I make sure that the people in the city are safe especially on Thanksgiving.

And here we have another year of saved turkeys!

I'd say the military was definitely represented and there were plenty of ballerinas, superheroes, and Santas!

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today, I'm wishing you a wonderful day filled with family and friends. We're having a very small gathering this year, but it's all good!