Sunday 1 March 2015

Frozen delay

I did actually pick my Grow Your Blog winner last month (oh my!) on the 15th, I'm just now getting around to posting it.  I'm gonna blame it on the freezing cold weather that's going on here, it's been darn cold!
I had my helper pick a name out the flower pot - I thought it was appropriate for the growing of the blog.

 So my helper (and Iron Man) picked... 
Sue @ SuZeQ Creations!
Congratulations, Sue, just sorry it's so late!  I know you make beautiful cards, so if you have a favourite shop either online or a shop, please let me know.

See, it really has been snowy and cold here, although nothing like Boston!

Image result for small black heart icon mom - by Nathan
School is already delayed tomorrow by two hours because of the ice we had today.  The boys have had five snow days so far and tomorrow makes eleven delays this year.  Crazy!