Monday 30 July 2018

Halloween update 👻

Just a quick update on my Halloween Sampler.

Maximus thought he would help me out with my floss. I've been using two hands so now he doesn't have to "help" so much.

As of tonight, working on Pumpkin! 

Feeling silly...

Look Nathan, it's a fat cardinal!

Um, that's not a bird. I knew that. 

Monday 23 July 2018

Stitchy Road Trips! 🚗

While the cat 🐱(Nathan) was away with Scouts last month, the mice 🐭🐭(Karen and I) played!

Heading across the Bay Bridge.

We made it!

Ready to walk the boardwalk!

The end of the boardwalk, wasn't too busy.

Karen talking to Mom and Dad, getting their popcorn order. 

We reached our destination, Salty Yarns!
 I love this shop, but sadly didn't find anything I had to have, but Karen did! I was going to get an Erica Michaels kit, but realized I had already ordered it.

Just a little something to read.

Dragon kite! 🐉

It was a breezy, beautiful day.

On our way home.

Gorgeous sunset 

The next day, we ventured to PA to visit the Strawberry Sampler

Apparently, my birthday and National Mermaid Day are the same day, awesome! They had a sale on all their mermaid patterns and I had to get a few! I had ordered these two and picked them up while I was there. Birthday money well spent!

This is the one I almost bought at Salty Yarns.
I haven't used gauze yet, so this will be a new experience.
 I also had another mermaid pattern ordered, but it wasn't in yet. That will be a nice surprise because I'm not quite sure what I ordered!

This is one I've seen before and seeing it framed on the wall made me want to stitch it. 

Karen had the perfect fabric for me to use, it's more green than it looks in the photo. I've started it and it's hard to put down!

We had lunch at McKenzie Brew House before heading home and saw this cute poster.

We'll be heading back to PA in the future to hit more shops, there's more out there!

Monday 16 July 2018

Found treasures! 🎅🦌

I found some treasures from the sales at the church picnic last month and had to save them!
This was so sweet, but a little dirty/moldy on the edges of the frame.

I took it apart and this is what the back looked like. Not impressed!

I decided to fix it up a bit and took out the personalization 😔, and added beads for the eyes and nose so you could see the Santas better.
I bought this for $.50, so sad really.
I'm cleaning up the glass and frame and will be re-framing it. 

I bought this cutie for $3, big spender!

I saw this and thought it looked familiar... I made it for one of Nathan's teachers in 2015!
Oh well, I bought if for a quarter and it will hang on my homemade Christmas ornament tree.
This is the second time I've found something I made there. At least they were small and I got them back. I think I'll stick to gift cards from now on!

Saturday 14 July 2018

Late posting Tea Cup and Mug Exchange ☕

In May, I participated in Stephanie, at The Enchanting Rose, tea cup and mug exchange.
I chose the mug and this is what I sent to my partner. The first time I posted it, I flubbed the address and missed a number, ugh! So I had to resend it, but then she went on holiday. As of yet, I haven't heard anything, but I hope she's opened it by now.

She likes chocolate, so I stitched her this block.

After lots of searching, I found the perfect fabric.

As of today, I haven't received anything from the person who has my name.
Sadly, this was Stephanie's last exchange, organizing 250 participants is a big job!

Thursday 12 July 2018

Birthday Fun! 🎉

A pre-celebration movie time!
It was good! Nathan liked this one over the 1st one.

My cake with LEMON filling!

The singing!

The gathering...

Family photo after a great birthday!

The next day we celebrated Father's Day with this wonderful family. Love these Dads!

After that fun-filled weekend, we headed to Oma and Opa's for a visit.
Mom is doing great, she still has Dr's appts, but also has a parade of nurses and therapists come visit.

My nephew and his girlfriend came to visit too.

The perfect gift from my parents!

The following week, Nathan went to Scout camp for the week.

Memories of the Gmen on their first Scout camp.

DH went on a Homebrew Beer trip while Nathan was gone, so the three of us had a nice dinner out.

Not a lot of stitching was done, but I thought I needed to organize my hodgepodge of beads.

I bought an organizer from Wish, I love it! I think I should have bought two, but wanted to make sure I liked it.

The week flew by and he's back, happy to be home and sleeping in! Waking up at 6:30am every morning for a wake-up swim wore him out.

 Next time, actual stitchy stuff!