Tuesday 31 October 2023

Trick or Treat Blog Hop 👾 2023

Are you ready for the magical, mysterious, and mischief of Jo@Serendipitous Stitching's Annual Trick or Treat Blog Hop?!
Start there to see where to begin collecting all the letters from the other participating blogs to solve the Halloween phrase for this year.

I stitched this little piece in August, but finally framed it just in time for the hop.

It's tiny modernist, Mouse's Halloween Stitching.
I changed some colours and added the bat instead of the moon.

The mantel, with more stitched pieces.

Two more stitched pieces, can you see them?

A couple of new houses for this year.

I made this one with a house from the Dollar Tree and some accessories.

More stitched pieces, mainly Mill Hill.

And finally, the Peanuts gang in the pumpkin patch, with Ming as the Great Pumpkin?!

And I can't forget sweet Maximus, the time he was a "Monster".

Did you figure out your letter yet?!

Now, Move on over to the next blog to get your letter, Roni @Life Outside the Washing Basket.

Wishing you less tricks, and lots more treats for today, Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🍬

Our Precious Maximus 😢

I'm sorry if you've seen this already. I posted it on fb and instagram yesterday, but wanted to post it here too.

Little did we know that not even half an hour after the 1st photo was taken on Sunday, our sweet Maximus would be gone. The 2nd one was taken the night before. He was just shy of his 16th birthday & couldn't quite make it.
We were hoping for a year after his 3rd degree heart block diagnosis, but we're thankful to have had six months.
We will all miss our precious boy, and I've lost one of my stitching buddies. His "specialty fiber" will be in so many of my stitched pieces which are now treasures. ❤
Ming will be busy being extra loved by us, and she won't have to share a spot in my lap anymore. Although I know she'll miss him, they were such love bugs together. 😿

On the 23rd, it was cold enough for a fire and he was enjoying the warmth.

The last photo I have of them snuggling together was on the 26th, when it was once again warm outside.

We are so heartbroken, he was such a sweet and special boy. He loved us all and would always start purring whenever Nathan came over to him.
When he was getting worse, he always wanted to be with me when I was sitting down or when we went to bed. Ming has now taken his place doing that, she misses him too.

Earlier in the month, we sort of recreated this adorable picture of Max and Nathan.
They share the same birthday on Nov 10th, just a year apart. That will be a hard day.

So rest in peace, our precious Max. I know the last couple of months were hard on you, if only love could heal.

Through the tears, I'll press on and my next post will be a happier one. 🎃

Wednesday 18 October 2023

Fully Finished Gallery ~ October 2023 🖼

Welcome to Rachel's Fully Finished Gallery SAL for October. I'm still trying to finish up a couple things for Halloween!
Be sure to have a look and see what others have finished this time.

This one has been finished since 2020, but I finally fully finished it! I've had this wooden frame for a while, but it was too small to put anything in. So I decided to think "outside" the box and add it in front of the frame instead.
It's Boo Bee from Hinzeit.

This is Fall Fun from Mill Hill.
I changed the wording for a cousin who got married over the weekend. They had a barn wedding, so I thought it would be an appropriate reminder.

It was a beautiful wedding, and so much fun!

This barn was built on her parents property and will be used for horses eventually. I think they did a great job building it themselves!