Thursday 30 March 2017

TH Thursday

THinking, THinking, THinking...

THinking THoughts, and being THankful on THursdays.

What household chore are you thankful for?
Oh boy, so many to choose from! 😉
But seriously... is it putting away the groceries that I was able to buy at the store? Is it washing the dishes that we had food on? Is it cleaning the dirty clothes that we've worn? Is it cleaning the bathrooms that we have inside our home? Is it making the beds that we sleep in? Is it being able to turn on a vacuum to clean our floors? Is it taking care of our cats who give us unconditional love?
Well, I know my least favourite one is cleaning the cat litter. Even though Ming pees in the toilet, she has yet to do anything else in there!
But probably the one I don't really mind doing, and find somewhat relaxing, is the laundry. Of course it never fails, I've just finished and someone throws something down the laundry chute!

So what chore are you thankful for? (And what's your least favourite?!)

Detour at Jo-Ann

I needed some fabric to finish something for an exchange and ended up picking up a few extra things. These goodies were either on sale, 50% coupon, clearance, or bogo - that's my kind of shopping!

Ooooh! Next time there's a sale, guess what I'm getting! That's a huge pan of pumpkin donuts just waiting to be made! I did find a recipe for lemon donuts and I'm thinking that would be a nice Easter treat.

The snowman had to go and Mr. Bunny made an appearance, finally!

So some of the daffodils made it. I have bunches that I'm not sure of, but I'm hoping for the best.

This looks like a violet to me. It just popped up outside my craft room window, near where I moved the bird feeder.

Thankful - coming next!

Thursday 23 March 2017

TH Thursday

THinking, THinking, THinking...

THinking THoughts, and being THankful on THursdays.

I'm definitely personalizing this question...

What radio station are you thankful for?
95.1 SHINE-FM, of course!
Ok, this is a very shortened version and I will continue this next week. Getting up at 4:30 in the morning Tuesday-Thursday has made me extremely tired! The Sharathon should be over by tomorrow afternoon so I'll have plenty of time to rest and post about it later.
I'm off to bed, 4:30am isn't that far away!

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Hodgepodge of happenings

My nieces turned 13 in December and we actually got to celebrate their birthday in March instead of August like last year! Our annual dinner at the Melting Pot was a hit.

All the girls, including Ming!

The next morning I had them make cards for their Grampy, he's been in the hospital and now rehab after a stroke. Please keep him in your prayers!

From the back of the house, the moon through the trees...

...from the front of the house, the rising sun.

A new Indian restaurant opened in our area and I finally got to go with my gf. Wow, can't wait to try the dinner menu!

But in the meantime, I went to an Indian cooking class instead. I think I need to freshen up my spices to make this at home!

Elizabeth and I hit the Woodlawn Needlework Show in VA. We were missing DJ who was getting over being sick, boo!

We then hit In Stitches to see what we couldn't live without.

I was actually pretty good, this is all I bought. I can't wait to start Gather here Grateful!

Now I can't say the same thing for Elizabeth, but she got a great haul! She bought One Nation - 

 that's one that I started and need to pick up again, obviously!

Thursday 16 March 2017

TH Thursday

THinking, THinking, THinking...

THinking THoughts, and being THankful on THursdays.

What talents or abilities are you thankful for?
Well, I can stitch! Does that count?
I'm thankful I can see, I can count, and my hands are working. I have floss, fabric and patterns. I have friends to stitch with. I have friends to talk stitching to. I have friends to enable encourage me.

And today?
I was finally able to meet up with my gf who I taught how to stitch just a couple weeks ago.
I'm thankful I was able to teach her and start her out with what I had. She loves it!
I shared a pattern for her to stitch - she had to put her dog, Rascal, down several weeks ago and this is to remember him by. She has his name tag and so she's going to either add it to the fabric, or the frame when she finds one. I sent her home with a kit I had and never started, so she's on her own. There is another pattern she wants to do, but I need to take her to our LNS to get fabric. I'll corrupt encourage her there, for sure!

And you, what's your talent or ability?

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Snowing again!

My stitching view earlier.

Ming and Max are enjoying their live show and the birds don't seem bothered by them.

We didn't get as much snow as they called for, only about 4". It would have been more, but it sleeted after it snowed. Oh well, it's still pretty out there and it's actually snowing again right now so we could end up with more.
DH stayed home to work and two out of three boys are home, I'm happy!

For those who had suggestions on my question post, thank you! I actually found a colour that I thought I had to use somewhere else, but didn't. It's not quite as light as what's being shown in the picture, but much better than what was called for.

Sunday 12 March 2017

It's coming, it's coming! ❄❄❄

I've kept my snowmen up in hopes of snow, since we've been teased this year with barely a dusting.
Well, it's coming!

I follow Justin Berk and this is his prediction.
I live in the circled red area.

Finally! Although now I'm worried about the flowers coming up and the trees blooming. My daffodils started to open up last week.
And they're already drooping because it's been so cold.

This was the tease of snow we had last week, with the Cherry Blossom tree ❄❆blooming.

So I guess I should be getting milk, bread, and toilet paper tomorrow, but first I need to make sure I have enough floss, material, and patterns!

BRING. IT. ON! ❄☃❅

Saturday 11 March 2017

Colours too close!

I'm stitching this for an exchange, and these two colours are way too similar. It's hard to tell the difference between them when I stitched them together.

I thought I'd be smart and pulled out my guide, only to see the lighter colour is still 964, ugh. I wish I had looked earlier, I would have used 958 as the darker colour instead. I already frogged once and I'm not willing to frog all the 959. I even checked the newer colours that aren't in the guide and didn't find anything.

Suggestions? I'm thinking of blending 964 & 958, yah or nay?

Thursday 9 March 2017

TH Thursday

THinking, THinking, THinking...

THinking THoughts, and being THankful on THursdays.

Today I asked Nathan the question -
What are you thankful for today and/or every day?
"God, my family, my friends, my cats, my home, clean water, and food."
And then I got a hug and a kiss!

Today, I was sad and thankful.
I went by the cemetery just down the road from us to visit my father-in-law's grave. Unfortunately, I never met him, but his son is pretty fantastic.
I also saw some friends graves - a Mom from school, a "boy" I used to babysit for when I was a teenager, a teacher's daughter, and a friend's baby but really thinking of the Mom since she died last year.
But I'm thankful because I have memories that I can look back on and smile. So remember that tomorrow is never promised, make memories today!

Tuesday 7 March 2017

So close x2!

This one has only been sitting around for a year or so! I'm frustrated with the holly leaves colour on the left, so I keep stopping. But I've got plenty of time to finish it before December.

All this needs to be finished is the butterflies and adding the beads. Since it's over one on 32, I did French knots for the flowers. Eh, on the colours I chose, but too late now.

On kitty cat news, Ming and Max are patiently waiting for the birds to find the new feeder. The birds seem to find things on the ground around it, but have yet to look up and hit the jackpot.

At least Ming can sunbath in the morning while waiting.

 In scouting news, Nathan won 1st in his den and 3rd in the pack for the Pinewood Derby. I think he was happy!

 With his car in January.

His big brothers even helped out.

Tomorrow I have another stitch/lunch date with my girlfriend who I just taught last week how to stitch. She's loving it! I can't wait to see how she's doing on what she left with. I know she wants to add a name, then framing!

Thursday 2 March 2017

TH Thursday

THinking, THinking, THinking...

THinking THoughts, and being THankful on THursdays.

What are you thankful for about the person (or maybe animal?) to your right?
Well, Ming are Max are next to me, but they keep moving around! So the human next to me is in the other room, but technically to my right... Nathan!
I lovingly call him our blessing because DH only wanted one child - HA! Hello Gmen - but I always wanted another. DH guessed I was pregnant when he came home from work one day and I was crying. When I confirmed, he just laughed, what else was he going to do?!
Anyway, Master Nathan - what can I say, he is so very loving. Always looking for a cwtch, a kiss, willing to share a snuggle with a kitty, and sometimes even shares his chocolates! He can drive me crazy at times, but ultimately he makes me smile. He thinks of others and tries to do the right thing. He has a smile on his face, and if he doesn't, it's pretty easy to put one there! 
I look forward to seeing the man he becomes, just not anytime soon!

So who's to your right?