Tuesday 16 August 2016

Busy in May

In May, Nathan and I went to a balloon festival nearby. We met friends there and had a great time.

Love the crab!

The moon was amazing that night.

Only one gman went to prom, and he went with his friend way back from PreK. 

They looked so good together in blue.

Look at that rainbow of colours!

Next event was the boys last indoor football game. They won every game but one, and they missed that one!

Then came the trip to the Baltimore Zoo with Nathan's class.
These little guys are adorable.

At least he's taller than a penguin!

I have a love/hate feeling towards the zoo - love seeing the animals, but hate to see them caged. This precious boy looks like he really doesn't want to be there.

The giraffe seemed happy though.

And OMGoodness, these guys were too cute!

Beautiful Caribbean Flamingos.

Here's Joyful World for May - trying to match Max, not the best but it will do. 

I used beads for his eyes, but not quite sure about them. Looks kind of spooky... thoughts?

That's it for May - next time, Graduation!