Saturday 31 December 2022

A Christmas to Remember🎄

Mid December brought us to see the National Christmas Tree in Washington DC, as well as all the state trees.

And of course a view of the Washington Monument.

The tree looked lovely, but sadly no model trains around it.

Some of the state trees, not sure if you can see what states I've shown.

The Menorah was there too.

The newly engaged couple!

Just missing Gman2, two sisters, and a brother-in-law.

My Fisher Price Christmas collection.

The short story of our Christmas tree this year - "someone" left it a little too late to get a tree. I went to my Dad's to get the tall one, thinking it was fatter than it was. A little upset, but ok, it is what it is. Gman2 brought the shorter, fatter tree from his church (that they just finished using) to borrow. Then I added the two little ones we had. Wah-la, a mini Christmas forest! And I decided the lights were enough this year and added a couple of angels.

My village this year. I tried to cover the stereo equipment, but hope to do better next year.

Freezing temperatures, rain, and high winds knocked our power out on Friday morning, the 23rd, just before I was about to make cookies and a yule log for our afters!
Luckily, we have a gas stove to cook on and three gas fireplaces. We lit the two on the main level and crossed our fingers that the pipes wouldn't freeze and burst.

I slept on the sofa in the great room, Nathan slept in the keeping room with the other fire, and DH and Gman2 braved it and slept in their beds. Brrrr!

At least the little village tree was lit, thankful for batteries.

Christmas Eve came and still no power, but with notification that it would be back by 11PM on Christmas DAY.
Gman2 and Nathan went to Paul's Mom's house to sleep that night, while Gman1, C, and kitty Finn came to spend the night with us in the cold. Did I mention that with no power, the pump wasn't working for our well water?! They were going to sleep in the basement, with the other fire going.
Our tradition of watching Christmas Vacation was saved with Gman2's phone and my charged ipad! 

We all went to my mil's house in the morning (luckily only four miles away) to shower and enjoy a warm breakfast. Father Christmas did find our house, even without the tree lights on! So we all headed back there to open presents.

Being warm and then braved the chill!

We headed back to my mil's for dinner, except DH had to go back to our house to cook the steaks since her grill wasn't working. While having dinner, our power was restored and we could head home to a warm house, running water, lots of laundry, and no burst pipes!

Boxing Day was spent with Opa and Addie. We went to Oma's Chapel that evening to remember her.

Our afters this year. Although the Roses and Quality Street were a little disappointing - plastic tins and not very much in them! The Roses weren't wrapped like they used to be, but at least the QS was.
Dad made a Christmas sponge cake this year.

My Momma painted these sets years ago when she was still able to use her hands. They are both treasured pieces.

The Mill Hill Snowman I gave my Dad for Christmas.

Dear Karen and I decided to make 12 days of Advent for each other and these are the goodies I received. Not all cross stitch, but other treats as well. I know you can't see it since everything is on top of it, but a pretty project bag is under there too.
She packaged hers beautifully to me and I tried to make it look like she had packages spilling out of a mailbox.
Such fun and I hope we do it again next year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, whatever you celebrated!

And for the New Year?
You'll never get bored when you try something new. There's really no limit to what you can do. ~ Dr Seuss

Wednesday 21 December 2022

Another Christmas Adventure 🎄

This year was a little different at Peddler's Village, going with DH and dear friends J and S. It turned out to be a perfect weekend for us, you'll see why further down. ❤

We arrived first in the afternoon and just had to sample the beer at the Free Will Brewing Taproom.

I tried sharing mine with the dragon at The Cloak and Wand, but he wasn't very interested.
More on this shop later, it was amazing!

When our friends arrived later that evening, we ventured out to another little town, New Hope, for dinner and shopping.

Hello New Jersey, across the river, we'll see you on Sunday.

How nice, a big mirror for a group photo!

The next morning after a delicious breakfast, we headed over to see the gingerbread houses before it got too crowded.

Get ready, there were loads of them!

The pink castle must be for Vickie!

My favourite? Hermey and Rudolph!
2nd favourite? Snow Miser and Heat Miser!
Poor Gingy was losing his head.

Here's some of what was inside of Cloak and Wand, so many fun/weird/scary things.
Dragons, gnomes, mermaids, HP, and zombies - oh, my!

While we were there, we saw a wedding near the gazebo. A beautiful setting with all the lights, but brrr!
Not long after that, we witnessed a proposal! It was a night for love❣
(See, perfect weekend!)

So we decided it was the perfect time for our photos.

Scenes of the Village.

And the shopping, such fun!

The guys found this and thankfully didn't get any!

After our funtabulous Saturday, it wasn't quite over and we headed to Lambertville, NJ, for breakfast and more shops on Sunday.

Lucky us, we got to see Mr and Mrs Claus before we left!
And here ended our weekend getaway. We haven't done that in a long time without the kids, but they may want to join us next year?

I almost forgot, I did find this stitchy book at the bookstore in Peddler's Village.

One of the patterns I thought was fun.

Sadly, sometimes friends can disappoint you, not reciprocating or knowing what true "unconditional" love is that they professed, so you move on.
You make the best of a sad situation, and I'm thankful to have had this weekend with loved ones.