Friday 29 July 2016

WOW, it's a PEEP show!

Nathan and I spent one afternoon following the peeps...
 And this is where it led us!

So many creative peeps, but I really liked this one. Although I think they should be stitching, not knitting!

This wasn't all the displays, but there was plenty to see.

Saved the best for last...

Maybe I should submit these two next year?

Thursday 28 July 2016

Time flies when you're having fun!

Guess I've had fun, it's been a while since I've posted!

In April, the gmen celebrated their 18th birthday. When did that happen?!
My mil signed up to have their birthday announced at school, I had to "threaten" them to pose for me!

Then I met Karen in North Carolina to celebrate her birthday. Our mid-way meet was in Elm City, at a sweet bed and breakfast.

We stitched and stitched, 
and had a Miranda marathon! Such fun, such fun!

May brought the annual stitching weekend at St. Michaels with DJ and friends. A storm rolled in while we were there, awesome to see close up!
 We did an ornament exchange - lucky me, I received DJ's, the one on the lower left, love it! I made the tiny ones, the Rudolph sweater that I didn't think would be so small, and the hanging wish list.
Already looking forward to next year with this group.
How cool, I found the ducks to match the Sunflower Diaries: Joyful World!
And on that note, I'll catch you later!