Sunday 13 December 2015

Day 13 of the Advent Calendar Blog Hop

Thanks, Jo @Serendipitous Stitching, for another fun year of the Advent Calendar! Welcome to day...

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Sorry I don't have anything new to show.

The question this year is, "How do you celebrate Christmas Eve?"

We normally go to 4 o'clock mass, but have to get there an hour early so we can get a seat. You know, those CEO's* come and it's packed!

If you're like our family, you decorate your sugar cookies that evening, as fast as you can!
 But Santa doesn't seem to mind, he leaves crumbs after his visit.

Just before Nathan gets ready for bed, Santa/Spike leaves a small Christmas tree with some pressies for the boys.
Every year, it's new pj's and a small ornament for each of them.

Then we settle down to watch Christmas Vacation.
I know it's silly/stupid, but that's what makes it so funny! "She wrapped up her damn cat!"

And finally, if we remember, we read "The Night Before Christmas" before heading to bed waiting for visions of sugarplums to dance in OUR heads!

One last thing I do before going to bed Christmas Eve? I help bring out the presents, but let DH display them because I still like being surprised in the morning - still a kid at heart.

Thanks again, Jo! Be sure to head on over to see Barb tomorrow.

* CEO = Christmas and Easter Only

Thursday 10 December 2015

I am not a turkey...

Just a little belated, here's the 1st graders take on -
I am not a turkey...

 I am a princess ballerina named Evie. I am regal and elegant. I am the best ballerina in the whole country. People come from all over the world to see me.

 Hi! I am a Princess Pop star. My name is Jemma. I travel around the world to sing to my fans. So this Thanksgiving, we should loose our ...?

 Hello. I'm Angel the singer. I love to sing for people. I am not good to eat because I am not an ordinary turkey. I am a singer turkey.

 I am Bat turkey. Do not eat my friends. I am always watching you.

 I am not a turkey. I am a cereal thief. Look at my colorful shirt and my spoon filled with cereal. I go around eating other cereal. Oops!

 My name is Darth Turkey. Uhh, I mean Vader. I can use my Jedi mind trick. "I am not the turkey you are looking for."

 I am not a turkey. My name is Rosie. I work at Chick-fil-A. Eat Chick-fil-A for Thanksgiving. Pretty please!

 I am not a turkey. I don't say goble, goble, goble. I say hut, hut, hut. You will find me on the football field.

I am not a turkey. I am Taylor Swift. I love to sing. Shake it off and come dance with me!

 I am not a turkey. I am a unicorn. I have black hooves, a pink horn and a white mane. Also, I love my pony friends.

 I am a colorful ghost. I play hide and seek in the colorful autumn trees. A real turkey makes you full, but I am invisible. Boo.

 I am not a turkey. I am a Ballerina. I have class at 5:00 with my friends.

 I am not a turkey. I am really Andre the Giant. Turkeys do not wrestle.

 I am not a turkey. I am a bunny. I have a soft tail. I hop around to get my carrots.

 I am not a turkey. I am a cheerleader. I cheer for the Redskins. I have lots of fantastic cheers for the Redskins, but next... ?

 I am not a turkey. I am a gymnast. Look at my sparkly leotard. It has a lot of sequins. I spend my day doing cartwheels, back flips.

 I am a giraffe that lives in the zoo. Do you like my brown spots? My name is Melman. I eat branches and twigs.

 I am a rockstar. I am not a turkey because turkeys can not talk or sing. I sometimes give money to the poor. I make people happy.

 My name is Ali. I am a cheerleader for the Ravens. When the Ravens score a touchdown they cheer with pom-poms. Please do not eat me! I am not a turkey.

 I am not a turkey. I'm a ninja. I was born in 1982. I go around in the dark of the night spreading Christmas cheer.

 Ha! Ha! Ha! My name is Vampire Monster. I am in disguise and wearing my Halloween costume until Thanksgiving. I am hoping people will not eat me.

 I am a ballerina. I do shows for my turkey friends, oops, I mean the audience. Watch me dance and dance.

 I am not a turkey. I am a  ghost. I float around a haunted house and scare people away. I'm a scary ghost.

 I am not a turkey! Hello! I am Alice the ballerina. I wear a purple leotard, pink tutu and pink ballet shoes. My favorite color is pink. I love to sing and dance. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

 My name is Superman. I like to fly everywhere. My red cape helps me fly fast. I help people who are in trouble.

 I am not a turkey. I am a minion. I like to have a lot of fun. I have a lots of friends.

 I am not a turkey. I am a big fat jack-o-lantern. Look at my big brown stem. Turkeys do not have a stem but I do.

 I am not a turkey. I am a ballerina. I practice all my ballet positions. I also like to perform dance routines.

 I am not a turkey. I was one the presidents. I helped lots for turkeys, oops, I mean people.

 My name is Minnie Mouse. I am not a turkey. My boy friend is Mickey Mouse. I love to wear bows.

 I am Ironman. I can shoot lasers and I can fly. My colors are blue, gold and red. I made my own suit. I fight bad guys.

 My name is Dr. James. I am not a turkey. I help people who are sick. So don't eat me you may need my help one day.

 I am not a turkey. I am a tooth fairy. A turkey does not have teeth, but a tooth fairy does. A turkey does not have a tutu, but a tooth fairy does.

 Hi my name is Sportsy. I like to play sports every day with my friends. You can watch me play football on Thanksgiving. Please do not eat turkeys.

 I am a ballerina. I am not a turkey. It is my first day of ballet class so I'm wearing a name tag. All of class mates are wearing the same t-shirt and tutu.

 I am not a turkey. I am Batman. I spend my day saving people from the Joker! I don't like playing with other turkeys, I mean people.

Hello, I am Molly the ballerina. Watch me twirl and whirl with other turkeys. Oops... I mean ballerinas. Please don't eat me because I would not be able to dance.

 I am not a turkey. I am a tennis player. Do you see my tennis racket? I am the best player in my team.

 I have a blue suit and I have a badge. I am not a turkey. I direct traffic. I protect the USA. I help people.

 I am not a turkey. I am a beautiful caterpillar. I am planning my transformation for Thanksgiving.

I am not Peter Parker nor a turkey. I am Spider Man. I save all people. No one can destroy me. Only villains might try. Do you want to be a villain?

 I am not a turkey. I am Batman. I protect everyone. I know I'm needed when I see the turkey symbol. Oops... I mean the bat symbol.

I am not a turkey. I am a princess. I have long hair. My dress has 3 butterflies.

 I am Princess Abigail for the Country of Yams. I must return to my castle. If you even try to eat me, you will choke on my jewels!

 Spiderman, that is me! I save people. Do not eat me because I am poison. I am not a turkey. I do not taste good.

I am not a turkey. I am Stampy cat. I like lovely lovely jub jub flowers. I walk around my world and build my funland. I have a Mindcraft helper.

 Hi! I am Mr. Claus. In a month, I will deliver presents to little turkeys! Oohhh...!!!!! Did I say turkeys?!

 I am not a turkey. I am a clown pumpkin. I roll around and perform tricks for other turkeys. Oops... I mean for kids.

 I am Olivia. I am not a turkey. I play with my turkey... oops! dolls.

Hi! I am not a turkey! I am Lucas. I have red hair! I am a person. I have a blue backpack. I am wearing sunglasses. I am enjoying a sunny day please don't eat me.

And thus concludes this year of, I am not a turkey! I love the thoughts and creativity of these precious children!
Here are the two previous years - 2013 Turkeys and 2014 Turkeys