Friday 6 August 2010

1998 Bunny

I had made a bunny for my parents and then decided I wanted one for myself.  I think this is the first one I ever made for me to keep.

Nathan got to take home “Leo”, the bunny from preschool, for a couple of days.  We had to write about what they did together, so this is Nathan reading him, “It’s not Easy Being a Bunny.”  He was very upset when he had to give him back for another child to take home!

1996 Hometown

Surprise, this one is for my parents too!  Very fitting since they just sold their winter house in Arizona to stay permanently in LaVale.

1995 Three Father Christmas’

More Christmas for my parents!  I love the variety of Father Christmas.  This only has a little of the glitter thread, so it wasn't too bad.  I scaled this down from a bigger sampler, wanted to keep it simple.

1995 Cactus

I made this for my parents while they were living in Arizona.  It was a bigger scene, but I made it smaller.  I think this is my least favorite, just kind of boring.

1993 America July 4th

I made this for my husband, Paul, my American!  I finally became a U.S. citizen on August 18, 2000, although I still hold my British citizenship.

2007_0704_062131 Here’s our little American, Nathan, starting early!

1992 Goose/bunny

I made this for my mother-in-law, but it got water damaged when she had it up at the lake house.  Not quite sure how to fix that or if it adds to it?!

1991 Maryland


I made this for my parents after they moved from Colesville to LaVale in 1986, where they are still living.


 Originally, my parents moved us from Wales to the States in 1969.  I was two years old and it looks like I didn’t want to leave my Nana!  Per my Dad - “Taken at Bridgend Station 40 years ago on August 14th, 1969, en route to New York.
We came with the optimism of youth, five suitcases and £400.00 to start a new life in the new world.”

1989 Black cat

Just a simple design, I love cats!  I also made another one like this one for a neighbor who had a black cat named Boo, so I changed it.

Loved kitties even when I was younger!

1988 Garden Gate

This one reminds me of the house at Clovelly Court that we stayed in while in Devon.  Good memories and good times, so long ago.

Okay, so it’s not quite the same, no white fence or flowers, but it still reminds me of Clovelly Court!

19?? Christmas Carolers

I think this is one of the first "big" ones I made.  So glad you can't see all my mistakes!  I made it for my parents and they have it hanging up year round.