Saturday 29 January 2022

Still feeling a little Christmassy ❄

I finally started stitching the Christmas 2021 SAL from Stitchonomy, just a little behind.
I had to hit The Stitching Post last week to get some more floss for my tree, not quite enough to make it! 

I decided to try and use the colours from my bag of leftover floss. So far, so good, but I'm just starting.

We had a little bit of snow last night/early this morning, enough to make it look pretty again. We were on the very edge of the storm and missed all the good stuff!

I know I'm way behind on thanking those who have left comments from last year, so I'm going to say a big  THANK YOU all so much for doing so! I think I'm up to date for this month, no excuses for it not to continue. Then back to blog reading!

Friday 21 January 2022

One More Belated Christmas Post 🎁

I'm just a little behind on Christmas posting, last one though!
We had four cute elves decorating sugar cookies for us this past Christmas.

Our tree, early Christmas morning.

The Misfit Toys make their annual appearance. 

The village, I really need another shelf so I can add more!

Christmas afternoon with the family. We had C join us this year since she was unable to be at home with her family. Darn that covid!
But it was lovely having her join us.

A little gingerbread/gnome village going on. Not a great photo, I'll try and do better next year.

Chewie was not very thrilled with his hat.

And look what was in my stocking this year, stitching goodies! Having a wish list certainly helps.
The necklace is a mermaid's tail from Gman1, very pretty and delicate.

Dinner this year was a bit different, with just the four of us since Gman1 and C went to have dinner with her grandparents.

It was a Happy Christmas, although I hope next year is healthier for us all!

We were supposed to spend Boxing Day with my parents this year, but then thought we should play it safe and not risk the chance of giving them something besides presents! Smaller groups seems to be working so far.

Thursday 20 January 2022

Finally, some stitching!

And fully finished stitching at that!

I finished this little guy as a Christmas gift to friends, they got a snowglobe last year too.
This was a fun one to stitch and I think it turned out nicely.

Now this is stitched in love because I wouldn't make this for myself! 😉
This was made for Gman1's gf, C. She's a fan and I thought she would appreciate it.
I changed it up a little bit with the colours and had to outline his hair since it blended in with the perforated paper.

Monday 17 January 2022

Memories of a Christmas Getaway 🎄❤

Our happy place together!

Finally, dear Cori and I were able to go to Peddler's Village before Christmas after not being able to go last year. We both really missed not being there and spending our special time together.
We were almost there and who should drive by but Santa! What a lovely way to start our girls getaway.

"Son of a Nutcracker!" ~ Buddy the Elf


Cori got a deal on a suite this year, but when we got to the room, there was an annoying loud drip from the tub. Cori called the front desk and they said they were waiting on a part that was coming in the next day. They then told her they would deduct $100 for the night, or move us to another room. I tried using some floss so the water would go down quietly and it worked. Of course we said yes to the $100 off and still had a good night's sleep! DMC for the win!

The next day we were informed that the part was not coming in, but they had another suite we could move to. We checked out the other room and liked it so much better! The room was brighter and had a lot more windows, overall a nicer room. 
AND, because of the inconvenience of moving, they gave us free breakfast in their dining room for two mornings, what a treat!
Both of them had a jacuzzi tub, although we didn't use it... this year. There was a "door" to close for privacy, but opened here for our photos.

Nice and bright, perfect for stitching! 

After dinner, our evenings were spent watching Christmas movies that I brought, I brought my TV/DVD player to watch them. The fire was nice and toasty, a cosy evening for sure.

Oh yes, there was some drinking too!

Here are the lights from part of the village that we could see from our windows.

Our room was on the upper left corner, the three windows.

The wisk tree that I love to see every time we're there.
Cori was waiting for me outside since I took a little longer.

These are the Christmas gifts I gave her. The nutcracker is from last year (I needed to sign the back), and the new one - perfect for her! 🤣

I also gave her this sweet gnome family, love them!

I ventured out for some spiked cider one evening, delicious!

So many beautiful lights, so colourful at night.

This is the first time we've seen the open gazebo all lit up. It used to be where the gingerbread houses were displayed and it was always closed up for it. This looks so much nicer.

The lovely tree inside.

They moved the Gingerbread House displays to a proper building, maybe because it got to be so big!

These were my favourites (actually I had lots more, but these are my top five.)
Surprise, a dragon!

These gingerbread men like to cause trouble!

No naughty gingerbread men here.

But there are some naughty elves!

A much needed bubble bath for Santa.
I'll add the rest of the creations at the end of this post, there are A LOT of them and I didn't even post them all.

One naughty and one nice, guess who's who?
Hint - what ornament did she get this year?!

While we were there, Cori's sister was only about 1/2 hour away so we went to visit and have dinner. The lit tree was seen on our way there and it was beautiful. It was a wonderful evening and I got some cookies! The ones on the bottom right were mine and she made the others too. They were delicious! 

Needless to say, we had another fabulous time together, having fun and making memories.
To be with someone who gets you and loves you no matter what? Priceless!
So thank you, my love, for another wonderful time together, I'm already looking forward to our next adventure. 🥰

Here are the rest of the gingerbread displays if you've got some time to look at them.