Thursday 27 November 2014

I'm not a turkey...

Last year, Nathan and friends in 1st grade made these - I am not a turkey...
Here's this year's 1st grade turkeys and they are just as cute!

 I am not a turkey, I am a Washington Redskin.  I do not say, "Gobble, Gobble", I shout, "Hike, Hike!"

  I am not a turkey, I am a ballerina.  I can dance all over the floor.  I go to dance class.  I go to church.  Since I am not a turkey please do not eat me.

Friday 21 November 2014

I did it, I broke down...

 ...I've been listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving!
It's been so cold and windy here, even without snow, that it just seemed appropriate.  Anyone else guilty?

Last Friday the gmen had a playoff football game and boy was it cold!  I had on my long johns, lined jeans, and a blanket along with my super warm coat. The foot warmers were a big help too.  It was a "little" breezy, as you can see the flags look a slightly wind blown!
They won that game and so they have another one tonight.  This time I'm sitting in a sleeping bag to keep warm as suggested by another team mom. 

Sunday 16 November 2014

Whoa, it's November?

Even though we had some snow flurries last week, I still can't grasp that it's November already.  When did that happen?  I didn't even get to decorate for Halloween the way I like to, bummer.

Moving was a priority over decorating - what a mess!  

One of the first areas I organized was the coffee/tea "station".  Morning refreshments were a must!

Just before we moved, the boys had their high school homecoming to attend with their girlfriends.  I thought they all looked great and they had a good time.

Since one of the girls went to another school, there was another one to go to.  Nathan didn't want to miss out!

Isn't this awesome?!  My chosen sister, Karen, came to visit and help me organize and made me this.  I LOVE it!  Her Mom helped her finish it and I think it looks great.

It went beautifully with what I did find to decorate with.

And hey, here's the little ceramic spider I made with Nathan!

Karen also made this for Nathan.  He loves the colour orange - and an alien, even better!

Karen loving Max.

Ming's turn.

Karen with the gmen.

My craft room, what a disaster and it's not all mine!
"Where does this box belong? I don't know, put it in Astrid's room."

Before I knew it, it was Halloween!  Nathan was originally supposed to be a ninja, but we couldn't find his costume in the move.  Luckily, we did have a box with old costumes and so he was Darth Vader instead.

Star Wars buddies everywhere!

I really think our friends need to feed their dogs a little more.

So now you know where to find me, still sorting out the stitching, card making, knitting, jewelry and other misc crafts... I keep finding more!

But thanks to Karen and DJ who helped me through this mess, I'm almost ready to have a stitching date in there.