Friday 21 November 2014

I did it, I broke down...

 ...I've been listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving!
It's been so cold and windy here, even without snow, that it just seemed appropriate.  Anyone else guilty?

Last Friday the gmen had a playoff football game and boy was it cold!  I had on my long johns, lined jeans, and a blanket along with my super warm coat. The foot warmers were a big help too.  It was a "little" breezy, as you can see the flags look a slightly wind blown!
They won that game and so they have another one tonight.  This time I'm sitting in a sleeping bag to keep warm as suggested by another team mom. 

Even the kitties are snuggling to keep warm.

Ming especially likes snuggling with me in my robe. 

The gmen had their confirmation, here they are with Bishop Madden.

Nathan was NOT happy to be wearing a tie.

Even at 91, Nana looks fabulous - A rose between two thorns!

Then it was birthday time!  Nathan had been using DH's old lava lamp from when he was a kid, and it's pretty much done.  So he got another one, and this one is HUGE!

He wanted a Lego cake for his 8th birthday, so this was the idea I had.  I bought a couple "Lego" brick molds and started melting chocolate.  They didn't look perfect, but he loved it!

I told him to get some Lego people to add and he chose Star Wars, a shark, two Egyptian people, and Abe Lincoln!  Whatever, it was his cake.  I even found candles that were bricks.  He's been bringing the leftover bricks in his lunch and some of the kids though he was eating real Legos, he loved that!

He chose to go to Shadowland for laser tag with some friends. 

And Max had a birthday too, a happy seven year old. 

I'm still working on my craft room and I really need to start stitching for Christmas, I just can't find my mojo.  I'm hoping to unpack it soon!  But I did have a date with DJ on Wednesday.  We tried to watch Downtown Abbey, but come to find out the DVD player hadn't been connected yet - arg!

So wherever you are, I hope you are keeping warm!  And for those of you in the states, have you got your Thanksgiving menu planned yet?


Vickie said...

Congratulations to your sons on their Confirmation.
Happy Birthday to Nathan and Max.
Nana sure does look great!

Linda said...

Great family pics Astrid. That cake is really cute and looks yummy. Happy Birthday to Nathan and Max.


Maggee said...

I definitely am playing Christmas music already! I was on a trip with hubby, driving, and found it on some random channel. Ha! Drivers rules--he had to 'suffer' through it while they played! You definitely are pretty busy! Hope the stitching mojo comes back real soon! Hugs!