Thursday 27 November 2014

I'm not a turkey...

Last year, Nathan and friends in 1st grade made these - I am not a turkey...
Here's this year's 1st grade turkeys and they are just as cute!

 I am not a turkey, I am a Washington Redskin.  I do not say, "Gobble, Gobble", I shout, "Hike, Hike!"

  I am not a turkey, I am a ballerina.  I can dance all over the floor.  I go to dance class.  I go to church.  Since I am not a turkey please do not eat me.

 I am not a turkey, I am the Hulk!  Look at my green skin.  Do not eat me I am the Hulk.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

 I turned my turkey into a girl.  The girl is normal.

 My name is Batman.  I am not a turkey.  I fly around in Gotham City not a barn.  I fight.

  My name is Ty the lacrosse player.  I couldn't be a turkey because I have a lacrosse stick and a helmet.  Have you ever seen a turkey wear gloves?

 I'm Elvis Aaron Presley.  I like to dance and sing.  People call me the king of rock and roll.  Gobble, gobble.  Uh oh, I meant don't step on my blue suede shoes.

  I am not a turkey, I am a bunny.  I will hop around.  I will make the kids happy in Easter.

 I am not a turkey, I am Batman.  I am the greatest superhero ever.  I live on a farm.  Oops... I mean the Batcave. 

 The Ravens Player.  I am not a turkey.  I play football for the Baltimore Ravens. Look at my helmet.

 I am a football player.  We always win.  I am number one.  We are called the Sparklers.  I am the weakest player on the team, but I sure...? 

 Hello I am a witch.  I am a nice witch that flies with humans as they walk.  If you want to come over to my house, we will have fun. 

  My name is Crabby.  I am a crabapple and hate people!  You have to eat me for Thanksgiving dinner though.  You have to be embarrassed in front of your entire family.

 I am Captain Tom.  I fly jets in the U.S. Air Force.  I protect America from bad guys.  Don't eat me.

 I am Spiderman not a turkey.  I shoot webs all day not eat turkey.  I wear a blue and red suit and save people. 

 This is not a turkey.  He is Han Solo carbonite.  He helps the Jedis to save the universe.  He is frozen and needs your help to melt him. 

 I am not a turkey, I am a ballerina.  Look at my pretty tutu.  I dance and make other turkeys happy.  Oops, I mean people.  Do you like my make up? 

 I am not a turkey, I am a queen.  If you think I am a turkey you regret it because I will make you bow to me. 

 I have a puck but not a cluck.  So how can I be a turkey?!!!!!!!  I am a hockey player!!!!!  Signed, Awesome MAN!!!! 

 I am not a turkey, I am a police officer.  I make sure turkeys are safe.  Oops, I mean people.  I am wearing a police officer uniform. 

 I am a dancer.  I dance all day long.  My life is pretty simple.  All you have to is dance.  Well it's hard to say but... Whatever.  How did we get into this.

 I am glitter girl.  I make things glitter with my glitter bottle.  I will sprinkle you with glitter. 

 Do not eat this turkey.  Oops, I mean do not eat this Someone Guy!  Someone Guy is a person not a turkey to be eaten on Thanksgiving.

 I am not a turkey.  I am a ninja and I save people.  I even have a ninja side kick which proves I'm not a turkey.  Hi-ya! 

 I am not a turkey, I am a robot.  I like to do the turkey dance.  Oops... I mean the robot dance. 

 Hi, I am a ninja.  I fight ninja droids and help other turkeys.  I am not a turkey.  Some ninjas have long swords. 

 We won't east Elsa the turkey because she is a pretty princess. 

 I am not a basketball player.  My name is Mical.  My favorite thing to do is play basketball.  I have lots of friends.  I am really good at playing. 

 I am not a turkey, I am a girl.  I have a pretty purple dress.  I have pink boots.  I am going to a party.

  I am not a turkey.  I'm Minnie Mouse.  I live in Walt Disney World with all the other turkeys.  I mean princesses.  Come visit me for Thanksgiving.

  I am not a turkey.  I am Bryce Harper.  I go around hitting homeruns.  My team needs me to help win a World Series.

 To Whom It May Concern.  As an eagle, the national bird of America, I hope all Americans will not eat turkeys on Thanksgiving.  A lot of my friends are turkeys.

 I am not a turkey, I am a big pumpkin.  Look at my green vines.  I like being a pumpkin. 

 I am not a turkey, I am a Popstar.  I am Milly.  Oops! Oh no! I am Milly the Human!  I'm not turkey!  I like to sing for people to make people happy!

 I am not food.  I am Batman.  I swing my weapons at bad guys.  I save girls and boys.  I save the day.  I love Halloween. 

 I am not a student at school.  I learn a lot of turkey stuff.  Oops, I mean math.  I like to waddle.

If you'd like to see last year's turkeys, look here - 2013 Turkeys

So Happy Thanksgiving, I know I have so much to be thankful for!


Linda said...

The turkeys are great Astrid. What a great bunch of artistic kids.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I remember this from last year! Fantastic post. They have such great imaginations. Is this a national thing or is it specific to your school?

jocondine said...

Great post, I love it! So amazing turkeys, thanks for sharing. With best wishes. Amitiés. xxx