Monday 23 April 2012

April TUSAL and Hermitting

Finally, some April showers!  We have the flowers, but really did need the rain.  My glass has been Fairy filled, too bad you can't see the "glitter" in there.

For my IHSW, I wish I could have spent more time on her - but she's coming along and I can't wait to add the beads at the end!    
 I didn't get to hermit as much as I would have liked... DH and the gmen went camping for the weekend and my nieces came over on Saturday afternoon to spend the night with Nathan and I.  Here are the four of them playing Trouble - good game for them!

So I got to see my sister-in-law on Sunday when she and my brother picked up the girls.  She was finally able to see the mermaids I made her and take them home, she loved them!  You can see why I made them all blondes - must be nice to have that natural look!

Sunday 22 April 2012

Birthdays and Easter Fun!


When did these precious babies turn into these handsome young men?!  14 years in the making.  I took them in for their yearly checkup and both boys are 5'10" and over 150lbs - way bigger than me!

 So this is where Garrett chose to go for dinner since Griffin chose last year.

Wow, that was hot!  Nathan got just a little scared.

After dinner, we headed over to Nana's to visit the cousins and have birthday dessert.  Nana just had a birthday on the 10th - can you believe she's 89 years young?  She's already planning her 90th birthday bash!

 Meghan and Nathan supplied us with music for the evening and had fun doing it.  Nana has so many records, we could have been there all week.

After church on Easter, the boys and I headed to my parents for part of their spring break.  They chose to dye eggs and have their Easter egg hunt there.  

Oma was watching from the window, not sure if you can see the dog on the right hand side.

While shopping in Cumberland, I went into the book shop and found these in the used section.  I have never seen any Welsh lovespoon patterns and was thinking about making one for our wedding sampler, so I was thrilled to find it!  This was in a Cross Stitch Collection book and only $2.  I'm "hopping" to get around to making the bunny in time for next Easter.  Oh, that was bad... I'll think DJ's rubbing off on me!  ; )

Wednesday 18 April 2012

Imagine... a belated WIPocalypse for April

I am so behind on my blogging - too much to post (wedding, birthdays, family and friends) but it will be coming...
I'm also very behind on commmenting on other blogs.  I really should comment straight away - otherwise I just forget!
Anyone interested in following a house building blog?  Hopefully sooner than later.

  Max thinks he's helping me by pulling on the floss... not!!!  I think she's coming along nicely and can't wait to finish her up, do a few little things, them start my mermaid.

WIPocalypse Full Moon dates for 2012:
January 9, February 7, March 8, April 6, May 5, June 4, July 3, August 1, August 31, September 29, October 29, November 28, December 28

Wednesday 4 April 2012

Loving Phoenix

We got to watch my friend's "baby" this past weekend, her name is Phoenix and she's precious.  She's a rescue from Hurricane Katrina and she is a spoiled little princess!
Here's Nathan giving her a snuggle before he went to bed.  She would sleep under his bed until it was time for her to get in her crate for the night.  He cried last night when she left to go home.
Next to Phoenix you can see I have been working on my Halloween Fairy, still a ways to go!
Even though she would growl and chase the cats, I know they were all just having fun... I think!  This was the closest Max ever got to her, he's also the one who runs when the vacuum starts - big baby.

So another BIF, Alice, told me about a mermaid pattern she saw and when I looked online, I saw that 123Stitch was having a sale on mermaids.  I got this one because of the underwater dragon with the mermaid = double plus!  I did buy another one, but it's on back order - just as well, I need to get busy with what I've got.