Thursday 4 April 2024

Another PEEP Show! 🐤

I wonder if this is what people think of when I tell them I'm going to the PEEP Show?!

I LOVE the dragon!

Showing the Maryland Peeps, specifically Baltimore!

And plenty more sweet pieces...

So many creative ones, can you pick a favourite?

Even Mia and Maverick turned into PEEPS!

This year Nathan brought a friend, so he was happy to go!

Sadly, the old banner has been retired.

Here's the new one. Meh, I like the old one!

I think I might get at least one more year out of him, maybe with more of his peeps?!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think it's amazing that there even IS such a thing as a Peep Show. And even more amazed at the sheer magnitude of some of the creations.

Stasi said...

So glad I got to check out the "peep" show this year...such fun and creativity!