Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Scavenger Photo Hunt - Tradition πŸ“· πŸ—“

Welcome to the fourth word of the Scavenger Photo Hunt for November. As always, anyone can join in with whatever inspires you and I can always add it after the sign up is closed. And here I am, late again!

Every fall, I make at least one pumpkin cheesecake and pull out my Fisher Price people for display.

Sometimes just after Thanksgiving, but mainly on December first, Spike comes out to play! I thought last year was going to be his last year since Nathan was 14 and no longer that interested. Now I'm thinking, why not do it again, I'm having fun! But I am finding it more difficult to come up with new ideas.

I've had Christmas crackers all my life and have continued the tradition with my family. 
At least it's easier to get them here now. My Dad used to have them sent to him from GB, and one year he had a huge box of them sent. My younger brother and I got into them before Christmas to get the trinkets. Nobody could understand why there weren't any trinkets in there when we popped them... I'm sure it was his idea.
Even Spike and Scotch like to join in!

Enjoying Christmas dinner,trickets included, with my parents.

Ah, it will soon be time for Jo's annual Online Advent Calendar, be sure to pop on over starting on December first.
I've been participating every year so it's definitely a wonderful tradition.

Going to a PEEP SHOW! Now I'm not sure if Nathan will want to come next year since he's 15, but I'm hoping!

December is sneaking up way too fast, but here are your words! 
December  3rd   Ornament/Menorah
December 10th  Mug
December 17th   Homemade
December 24th  Stocking
December 31st   Celebrate


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for the mention! It's a great tradition! The first Blog Hop I tried and I like to think the most unique, I've not seen one similar anyway.

Susan Smith said...

Well done & I missed this one as I couldn't think of anything traditional that I had photos for, but I'll join in this month I hope. The cheesecake looks yummy & I think it is one I'd make if you have the recipe you can pop through to me. Christmas wouldn't be right without crackers & we still have them in our 70's.(giggle). Take care & hugs.
See you Friday.

diamondc said...

Astrid: I am a Peeps fanatic, I would go and I am 70 almost 71.
Cute photo of the family, the hats are a hoot.
Maybe have spike cleaning the bathroom mirror getting ready for the holidays or ducting anything is s fun idea, looking out the window for presents to arrive in the mail, hey its Spike he can do anything.
This is a fun photo of him and the for Santa stitch, so cute.
I am so in love with your Fisher price display, it makes me want to come over and play.
I am looking forward to seeing the Advent doors open and see what you will post.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Threads through my life said...

Naughty you and brother raiding the crackers! That made me smile a lot. It's interesting to see how different our traditions are!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh yay!!!!! Spike is going to be back! btw - saw an idea for him the other day - he was frozen in a block of ice - and posed with Elsa from the movie. Cute idea, but don't suppose the elf would be too happy to be that cold AND wet when he melted!