Monday, 1 November 2021

Scavenger Photo Hunt - Halloween πŸ“· πŸ‘»

Welcome to the fifth word of the Scavenger Photo Hunt for October. As always, anyone can join in with whatever inspires you and I can always add it after the sign up is closed.

For this one, I think I'll go with Halloween decorations, and not just mine!

This lovely couple was in the restaurant I was in last week when I took my Dad out for breakfast.

I've got my eye on you! In historic Ellicott City last weekend celebrating my gf's 50th birthday.

I LOVE their Halloween town on display.

If only they weren't so expensive.

How much fun is this?! I wonder if DH would let me do that to our fence?

My Trick or Treat Fairy.

This is where she stays year round, except for Christmas.

This year's icebox cabinet display.

My Mill Hill so far. I think I'll need a bigger tree when I stitch more.

Garden Journal's October.

I still need to decide how to finish this one.

Looks like I'm keeping this frame... for now.

Gman1 and C carved these pumpkins, I think they did a fantastic job!

My Halloween houses are pretty bare compared to what's in Ellicott City.

The bookshelf display.

And just in case you were wondering, here are the words for November. 

November  5th     Bonfire
November 12th     Apple
November 19th     Something you see every day
November 26th   Tradition


Barb said...

You really have so many wonderful Halloween pictures. That village is amazing. A lady does one at our Y and each year I look forward to seeing it. She must have lots of money invested in it.

Threads through my life said...

As usual, an amazing set of photos. Very colourful and I spotted some cute pumpkins, stitched and ornaments. Thanks for November's words.

Carol said...

You have some fabulous Halloween decorations … we don’t really do much … other than pull,out my crocheted pumpkins πŸ˜ƒ. So many beautiful Halloween stitches too πŸ’œ

Linda said...

Wow! Lovely Halloween displays. You sure have lots of them. Beautiful.


diamondc said...

Astrid: I do not celebrate Halloween but enjoy seeing the photos you have on your blog.