Thursday, 25 November 2021

I am not a Turkey... πŸ¦ƒ

I was able to get photos of those fabulous turkeys from the boys old school.
As a reminder, here's Nathan when he was in first grade - only eight years ago! 

Here's this year's first graders with their creativity.

I am not a turkey. I am a Ballerina. Look at my crown. I dance all day. I love dancing with my turkey friends. I am thankful for everything I learn.

I am not a turkey. I'm a princess. Look at my dress and my tiara.

I am not a turkey. I am a grandma! Look at my grey hair. I love to sip coffee. Gobble, gobble... I mean, hugs and kisses.

I am not a turkey. I am a ballerina. Look at my pink tutu. I dance all day and I am helping other turkeys practice their dancing. Oops...

I am a cheerleader and I like to cheer. I am not a turkey. Would a turkey have a bow? Would a turkey have pompoms? Would a turkey have earrings and sparkly shoes?

Hello! I am not a turkey. My name is Turkeyisssa, The Queen. I live in a castle. I have two poults. Oops, I mean kids.

I am not a turkey. I am a big orange pumpkin. I make scary faces. People open my top. I have a candle inside of me. I am not a turkey because I cannot run, but I can roll.

Hello! I am not a turkey. I am Superman. My cape helps me fly from place to place. My favorite thing to do is gobble, I mean talk, to my friends. My super power is kindness!

I am not a turkey. I am a Packers football player. Look at my football and my uniform. I catch the ball and score touchdowns. People love to watch me play on Thanksgiving!

I am an Orioles fan. I like watching other turkeys play a baseball game, I mean other humans.

I am a superhero. I save other turkeys. Oops, I mean people.

I am not a turkey. I am Frankenturkey, I mean Frankenstein. Can't you see my lovely green skin? I am a friendly monster here to help all people enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving.

I am not a turkey. I am a hockey player. I play for Tricity Eagles. Today I am playing the Caps. I am going to beat the Caps and make it to the championship.

I am not a turkey. I am a gymnast. I flip and tumble. I even win gold medals. I hope I make it to the Oympics.

I am Batman, not a Thanksgiving turkey. I love my bat symbol. With my bat hammer, I can fight evil turkeys. Oh, oh... I mean evil people!

I am not a turkey. I am an Eevee. This Eevee wants to evolve into a Vaporeon or an Espeon. Eevees like to dance. Vaporeon likes to swim. Espeon likes to be calm and meditate. Eevees have cute little eyes, fluffy long ears, and tail. In the middle, it is soft and fluffy.

I am not a turkey. I am a football player. I go around knocking people over with my defensive lineman stance. Don't eat me because you will get sick from the grass on my cleats!

I am not a turkey. I am big and round. I am orange and I have seeds in my belly. I grow in the fall. I have a point on top. Happy Halloween!

I am not a turkey. I am a mermaid turkey. I mean, mermaid. I like to swim.

I am not a turkey. I am a Christmas tree. You cut me down and decorate me. I shine bright for you.

I am not a turkey. I am a present. Do not eat me because I am a gift for Christmas. Please put me under the tree.

I am a ballerina. I am not a turkey. I love to dance. I am beautiful at dancing. I am good at jumping on the floor.

My name is Ms. Crazy Lady. I have a husband named Mr. Hat. I have kids names Cynthia and Sophia. We like to eat steak for Thanksgiving. People think I'm a turkey but I'm not. I am a colorful chicken.

I am not a turkey. I am a leopard. I like to sleep all day and stay up all night. I get very hungry at night. I am very fast. I like to gobble, I mean purr when other leopards are close by. If you make me mad, I will growl.

I am a princess. I have a colorful dress. I also have some pink shoes. My head has a crown. I dance around all day. I can point very well. I have a mom, a dad, brothers and sisters. I live in a castle. I also live in a place called Europe and I play with my best friends ever. 

I am not a turkey. I am a soldier. Look at my suit. I drive around all day helping other turkeys, oops... I mean people.

Turkey fun.
I am not a turkey. I am a police officer, look at my badge. My name is Tom. My job is to protect all turkeys. Oops... I mean people!

Another fun year, I'm so glad I was able to share them with you. I'm grateful I was able to get them last night. I think only one class did it this year, so sad!
Happy Thanksgiving to those who are enjoying those turkeys who weren't in disguise!

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone's super power was kindness?


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

My favourite post of the year! Lots of ballerinas this year. I love the Christmas Tree, no sign of a turkey there. Also the threat of sickness from grass in the cleats! They are all so imaginative.

diamondc said...

Astrid: I love all the turkey's, the descriptions are adorable.
Thank-you for putting a smile on many of our faces.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

These were such fun!!! Such wonderful imaginations and pretty amazing artistic talent too.

Katie said...

Oh I just love these and so glad you were able to get them to share. I love seeing the kids creativity. Just beautiful.