Monday, 29 October 2012

Preparing for Sandy's Visit - hope it's short!

So far, Hurricane Sandy has messed up my Snoopy Halloween flag! 
I took down my ghosts, I didn't want them floating off somewhere and Mr. Spider is safe inside.

This was the front lawn before DH did the leaves yesterday afternoon...

and after he finished.  Even with all the wind we've been getting, it's still not as bad as the before picture - but who knows what we'll see when it's all over with.
We've got the bathtub filled with water so we can use the toilet even without power, and I was baking today before the power goes out - pumpkin donuts, zucchini bread and cookies.  Oh, and the most important thing, we bought batteries last night for my stitching light!  Nathan has declared it pajama day, at least for him.

We don't have a generator, but might be able to get one tomorrow morning.  We've always managed fine without one, but this storm looks really bad and we just don't know how long we may be without power.  Hopefully the new house will have one built in with it and having gas will help too.  Looks like we might be having a family camping party in the basement tonight, wouldn't want a tree falling on our heads with all that wind blowing out there!

So please say a prayer for those of us here on the east coast, I know I will be.


Mouse said...

keep safe and glad you have got your priority's right
love mouse xxxx

Parsley said...

I hope you'll be safe! Update us when you can.

ricketyjo said...

Hope you're doing ok Astrid. xx

Nicola said...

Praying that you came through safely. It must take ages to rake up all those leaves.