Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fall Festival Fun and Still Beading

But first Nathan had soccer that morning.  It was picture day and I could already tell I wasn't going to be happy with the photographer's photo - other teams and people in the background.  Really?!  Griffin's football picture has a person running on the track right behind him.  Guess I have to take my own for him too!  

I was lucky to have some girl time this past weekend with Hannah, one of my nieces.  Living with all boys is fine, but I love spending time with the girls too!  Her sisters had other things to do and she wanted to come over to visit - anytime you want, my dear!

So after soccer, we headed over to the local festival, Highland Days.

For those who know me, you know I love Halloween and anything scary!  They had a haunted house set-up and if you didn't want to be too scared, you could carry a flashlight/torch with you so they knew not to scare you as much.  Both of them wanted to go and also a friend of Nathan's that we saw there.  They all had their lights of choice and off we went.  It was supposed to last about seven minutes and I think we were out of there within two!  DH had left already, otherwise I would have gone in by myself.  Oh well, maybe I'll take the gmen with me next year!

It was super kid friendly - they got to play games, paint rocks, decorate pumpkins, go on a hay ride...

...see a beautiful owl, a cool falcon, precious kitties, and a bee hive.

Turned out to be a wonderful day and that night the gmen headed off to their Homecoming dance - originally they had dates but have come to find out that girls are trouble.   I tried to warn them!

I'm still beading, but it's going slow.  Finished up the moon, but I don't really like the brown outline. 
Here's a tip, don't bother stitching while waiting for your son at PT when your youngest is driving you crazy!  Thankfully not too much frogging this time.


Parsley said...

Looks like a fun time with the kiddos.

Your WIP is turning out great. Frogging...yep...we tend to need to do that when distracted. Still lovely work.

Nicola said...

What a great post, such fun. Love the pumpkin display.