Thursday, 9 February 2012

Send a Free Valentine...

What do farmers give their wives on Valentine's Day?  Hogs and kisses!

What are you going to put on your card?!  It doesn't cost anything but a couple of minutes of your time... just do it!
Send Your Valentine to a Child in the Hospital
We have less than a week left to reach our goal of 5,000 valentines by February 14!

Choose which valentine
you want to send to a
child in the hospital:
Have a SUPER Valentine's Day!
U R COOL Valentine!
Send My Valentine
Dear Friend,

I just have to share a few of my favorite valentines we've received from people like you who want to wish kids in the hospital a happy Valentine's Day:

Tons of Smiles and Hugs coming your way from Arizona!! XOXO Happy Valentine's Day to You!
– Kristina B.

What do farmers give their wives on Valentine's Day? Hogs and kisses!
– Matthew and Laura G.

Big Hearts, and Big smiles coming your way!!! Happy Valentine's Day from Aurora & Family ;o)
– Aurora D.

We've collected 1,400 valentines so far and have less than a week to reach our goal of 5,000 valentines by February 14. We're hoping to shower each of our patients with lots of valentines, so they know how much people care. Please send one of our kids a valentine today.

Kids in the hospital this Valentine's Day won't be able to celebrate at school with their friends, but we can still give them a fun day to remember. Your valentine will help us make this Valentine's Day extra special.

Send your valentine.

Just a few words mean so much. Thank you for reaching out and showing kids in need that you care this Valentine's Day.

Pam King Sams
Executive Vice President, Development
Children's National Medical Center

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