Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Football and Frustration

Our gmen were both on the JV football team at school.  Their season ended and the team could have done a littler better, but they tried.  Garrett ended up hurting his leg in the third game and when he finally was able to play again at the last game, he ended up with a concussion.  But he was there for every practice, even though he couldn't join in.  Griffin got to play quite a bit, he had to cover for his brother!  Anyway, here they are at their banquet and luckily Nathan was kept busy so we could enjoy it.

Some of the JV team was "bumped" up to varsity for their final games, mainly for recognition since they are not allowed to play.   
The varsity team was undefeated and made it to the State Championship game at the M and T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.  Since the gmen were part of that bumped up group, they were able to be on the field for the championship.

During half time the band performed - that's our godson!

Love the Hawk.

And look who joined us?!  DJ and her men braved the cold to come watch the game with us.  I'm still learning about football and was happy to actually "teach" DJ some of it.  We've still got some learning to do... but she can't ask her hubby, he was trying to confuse her and have her cheer for the other team!

The first half wasn't going so well, the team was behind.  BUT, they got their game pants on and played as they should and won! 

Here are the gmen standing behind one of the coaches.  It was a televised game and they were being taped at that moment.  It was a very exciting night, but I was quite happy to head to the car and get warm. 

Here's my FRUSTRATION - has anyone else been having problems with uploading pictures on blogger?!  I just recently asked Danielle why she switched over to blogpress and she said it was mainly because she had reached her photo limit.  Well guess what message I have been getting for the past few days?!  Stupid blogger. 

DJ was over yesterday (she stitched, I sewed... next post) and I was asking her about it and she said she always compresses her pictures, so they are web sized - or something like that!  (Please correct me if I'm wrong)

Well, I did that today and it seems to work!  Although I tried using google chrome and it wouldn't upload, but when I used Internet Explorer it worked.  Stupid Internet.

I think that's it for my frustration for now, except I can't seem to get in the mood for Christmas.  Maybe because it was almost 70 degrees here today!  I wanted to put up my inflatable snowmen, but I was afraid they'd melt...


Nicola said...

I loved that last sentence about melting inflatable snowmen. LOL.

I think that there has been an awful lot of us with the run out of space message from Google. Its weird why its been in the same week !!!

DJ said...

Soooo glad you invited us to see the game, I had fun, and thanks for the lesson in football! I'm so glad you were able to upload your pictures, or my name would have been added to the "stupid" list right alongside stupid blogger and stupid internet...LOL I feel the same way about the warm weather...it's just not Christmasy with the windows thrown open and not wearing a jacket when running around town. Sooooo...when's our next play date? *Hugs*