Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Must. Get. Motivated!

I finished the moon using the Petite Treasure Braid as recommended by Jacqui - thanks so much for the suggestion!!!  The colour didn't quite match the Kreinik colour, but I think it will do just fine.  It was so easy to use, I loved it!
Now I'm just slacking, I can't seem to get motivated to finish and add the beads.  My goal is still to finish before Halloween, guess I'll be busy this weekend!

I made more pumpkin donuts this afternoon to take to the boys football dinner and only had one left!  I used the mini pan and I think I need to get at least one more since I could only make 12 at a time.  

I saw a pumpkin twinkie recipe on Pinterest and now I must have need a "twinkie" pan!


Eyani Ryou said...

Glad I could help! She's looking awesome! Can't wait for your happy dance!


Nicola said...

Those donuts look scrumptious