Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fun Daily Calendar Journal

I saw a version of this on Pinterest (see here) - What a fantastic idea!

I wanted something a little sturdier and bigger, so I went "shopping" on eBay.  I found a Longaberger basket/liner/protector for under $30 that was perfect for it!  Could I have found something cheaper?  Maybe, but I wanted something that wouldn't fall apart years from now and I can even hang it if I want to.  

To incorporate some type of cross stitching, I cheated and used pictures from my old yearly calendar!  I used ones that I knew I would never make and that matched the month.  I then glued them to a background and then to cardstock to make it firmer.

I wanted something bigger than the regular index card, so I bought the larger ones instead.  And go figure, the stamp that I could have used for the date was donated a while back because I never used it! 

 And just so you know, this project was Ming approved!


Anonymous said...


Just became a follower of your blog.

I like what you've done here - it's a great idea!

I love Ming!

Mouse said...

oooo well done i've seen some of those baskets .. a friend has some and they will last much better than the cheaper versions :) helooo Ming :) love mouse xxxx

Veronica said...

Very pretty basket indeed :)


DJ said...

It's so nice to have a visual of what you've been talking about...looks great and I think years from now you'll really love having the memories to look back on. It's a great idea!! Hm...I'm wondering how I get Ming's approval? LOL See you soon! *Hugs*