Monday, 12 March 2012

Fab Girls Weekend at the Lake!

This really was an "Over the river and through the wood" start to our weekend!  Due to an accident on the main highway and with help from my Dad, that's the road we took.  I think we spent more time driving in West Virginia than Maryland!  It was beautiful, but I'm so glad it was still daylight.  Poor Sonya almost lost it in the back - between the twists and turns and Nathan trying to get her to watch his DVD!  We finally made it "To Grandfather's house we go", or rather Oma and Opa's house, to drop off Nathan and head to the lake.  (And we only lost Joann and Denise once - glasses next time, Denise!)

We got some stitching done on Friday night, then took a short break on Saturday afternoon in downtown Oakland for some antique shopping.  DJ and Sonya found some treasures, but Denise, Joann and I came home empty handed.

You never know what kind of people you'll find outside of the house, taking pictures no less!

My girlfriend, Kari, joined us on Saturday afternoon.  Even though she's not a stitcher, she needed some girl time too!  We watched three of the four Twilight movies, into the wee hours of Sunday morning and we even lost an hour!  Much laughter and fun, we had a great group - now know as the Stitching Mafia.  So let us know if you need a stitch... not a hit!

This is what I worked on for the weekend, my Halloween Fairy.  Love her!  I really need to finish so I can get started on some mermaids.

Alas, the weekend came to an end much too fast.  Fabulous food, fun and friends, what more could we ask for?!  I think the next time we go, it needs to be when the clocks "fall back" so we get the hour back that we lost! 

We picked up Nathan on the way home and the girls got to see my Mother's chapel.  A great end to a perfect weekend!  Here's DJ's version of our trip.  Until next time...


Mouse said...

awww you really did have a fab time :) well done on getting there and back in one piece and love the stitching you got done too :) love mouse xxxxx

Denise said...

I didn't need my glasses as much as to stop blabbing so much :-) The paparazzi was insane on this trip!!

DJ said...

Astrid, I look like a floating head!! LOL. Now it's in print that I spent I'll have some 'splainin' to do! Great weekend...can't wait to meet up with the "gang" again!

VegasJilly said...

I have gifted you with the liebster award! please check my blog!