Tuesday, 10 January 2012

WIPocalypse for January & an Apology

I'm still working on Woody, but only have to finish the outlining!  Nathan is being so patient, but he's wishing it was done already... me too.

I'm not even sure where to start once I finish this, but DJ and I are supposed to start One Nation, hopefully soon.  Oh, and I need to finish my monthly owls from Oak Haven Designs!
I'm a little overwhelmed at home at the moment, still cleaning up/out toys and stuff.  And this doesn't even include my craft area - stitching, cards, stamps, etc, are everywhere!  Once this is cleaned up/out, I get to put all the Christmas decorations away - oh joy.

 WIPocalypse Full Moon dates for 2012:
January 9, February 7, March 8, April 6, May 5, June 4, July 3, August 1, August 31, September 29, October 29, November 28, December 28

 I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for not commenting on any blogs recently.  I'm showing that I'm behind on 93 94 at the moment.  That also goes for my Yahoo groups, I haven't been keeping up with reading them either.  

And how sad is this... I'm late on sending my pen pal her December goodie and I've had it stitched since the beginning of December... just not put together!  But I also wanted to get a few goodies and couldn't get them until after Christmas while we were at the lake.  Another goal this week - sending it out and finish getting organized!


Mangogirl said...

I'm behind by about 300 or so! But that is what happens when you go away and then add all the WIPocalypse blogs to the feed reader at once!

great stitching.

Kaisievic said...

You know, life is just like that sometimes - it just gets away from us. Don't beat yourself up - we all understand.

Sounds like you are pretty busy to me.

I must admit, I don't get to all the blogs that I would like to and I struggle to comment on my yahoo groups.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Mouse said...

cooooo you are behind on stuff ,... *sending a swish of the old wand to try and help you ..lol and hope you have a good time tomorrow stitching with DJ :) love mouse xxxx

Jan said...

Everyone gets behind. I may read but don't always comment. Life happens. It's cool.

Joysze said...

I'm horribly behind too... and still catching up. I chip away at it 50 or so at a time and then the next time I come back, there are 50 more to read. ROFL!!!

Things get so busy towards the end of the year and everything gets backlogged, so don't worry about it. :)

Woody's looking great.

DJ said...

Thank you again for my Nativity!! You are so thoughtful! I hope you enjoyed today as much as I did, but must confess, it was too short! I'm looking forward to next Wed and hopefully we'll have more time to stitch! *Hugs*

Karen said...

I seriously have *no* idea how I'm going to keep up with 300 blogs! I think all we can do is our best. I'll probably comment on some blogs some months, and other blogs in other months. I suppose we all just have to work it out as we go along.

Ziggyeor said...

That's ok dear. My blog feel off the face of the earth and I had to bring it back and dust it off.
Can't wait to see your wips.