Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Has it Been a Year Already?!

One year ago today, DJ and I got together for our first stitching date.  We met through one of the Yahoo groups online and clicked!  We found out we both lived in the same state of confusion?, in Maryland, so we just had to meet!  It's been a great year, spending our stitchy time together and talking, talking, talking!  This has been wonderful for me because the last cross stitch friend I had was when I was working... years ago, before having the boys.  I feel as though I'm in a new world, with something other than DMC and Aida.  And I'm very excited that this weekend, we have a stitch date with some new friends - the more the merrier!
 Even though DJ had to work today, I was able to stop by so we could spend some time together.  We got our frozen treats at Starbucks and I got to watch her run around the frame shop - no wonder she's tired at the end of the day!  

I had bought a frame for my mermaids, but once I pinned it and added the mat, the back wouldn't fit.  So, DJ took it and finished it for me.  Doesn't it look great?  It's supposed to be for my sister-in-law, but until I see her, it's going to be hanging on MY wall!
 Did you ever make something for someone else and then decide to keep it for yourself, or wish you had?!


Mouse said...

awww lovely photo of DJ :) and well done on the mermaids .. how long until she gets it ??? love mouse xxxxx

DJ said...

Happy Anniversary, Astrid, you have been a bright light in my life since the day we met. It's rare to find a christian friend who shares so many of the same passions and I'm blessed to have found you! I can't wait until Sunday! See you there! *Hugs*

Nicola said...

How lovely that you are able to meet up with a pin pal. A great picture of DJ and your stitching.