Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Welcome & Extras

First things first - a very warm welcome to all my new followers.  And a thank you for the shout out, Lee @ Lake StitcherI'm hoping to do a lot more stitching in the coming year, so hopefully I'll have more to show to keep you entertained!  I'll be checking out your blogs too, if I haven't already.

The next exciting thing that has happened is... DJ's a winner!  Well, I already knew that, but she really did win some ribbons at the Needleart Exhibit at Montpelier Mansion.  Please go take a look at what she did, very impressive!  This is one she did that I absolutely love, it's going to be on my "must do" list!  
While we were there we also found a pattern we both liked (One Nation) so we're going to do a little SAL together.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to take Nathan to the grocery store to pick up things for our parish's monthly food drive.  His pre-k class will then deliver their items to the narthex and get to see all the food that's been donated so far.  I think this is a great way to show him how to help others - paying it forward!  
(See my previous post if you missed it)

On a more serious note, Nana's biopsy showed cancer in her good breast.  But luckily, she only needs a partial lumpectomy.  Unfortunately, her MRI showed something under her arm by the breast that was removed years ago.  No results yet on that biopsy.  So, prayers would be more that appreciated.  She's a feisty thing and is not happy that it came back!


Mouse said...

isn't she just :) she 's a winner with us any ways but we are biased heheheh ... and mmmm what's this pattern like then >>>>??
sorry to hear the news re Nana sending positive thoughts across the pond :)
and the new erragon book is out any time now :) love mouse xxxxx

Joysze said...

Hi there!! :D

Firstly, Nathan is ADORABLE!!! What a cute little boy you have. :)

I'm sorry to hear about you Nana. I hope the biopsy yields good results.

DJ said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Nana, I will definitely be praying for her, you and the rest of your family! You are raising some terrific kids...they are going to be as generous and caring as you are with the example you set for them!! Can you see the crimson glow of my blushing from your house? LOL I forgot to bring that pattern to you today, I'll remember next time! *Hugs*