Friday, 4 November 2011

A Challenge For You

It's November!  If you live in the states, you know what that means... Thanksgiving! 
Per Wikipedia, "The event that Americans commonly call the First Thanksgiving was celebrated to give thanks to God for guiding them safely to the New World."
I first arrived to the "New World" when I was two years old, and have celebrated many wonderful Thanksgivings with family and friends.

I don't know about you, but I'm not just thankful on that particular day, I'm thankful every day!  I feel so blessed and thank God every day for the people in my life and all that I have.  Because of that, I feel that I should be giving back.

My paying it forward can be many different things - donating clothes/toys to shelters or schools, donating to the food bank via church, helping out our neighbors, just to name a few.  Small things too - holding the door open for the next person, offering to take back a shopping cart for someone who just loaded their car, complimenting someone on an outfit or piece of clothing they're wearing, or maybe telling the manager when our waiter/waitress did a great job serving us.

A couple of years ago, my DH and I had a delayed flight due to bad weather.  We were given food coupons to use in the airport so went to see what there was.  Another passenger, a very young serviceman, was also delayed but didn't receive any coupons, I can't remember why.  Anyway, we decided to give our coupons to him.  He looked so lost and alone, I just wanted to hug him!  In fact, I'm sure I did. 

Another way we've helped out is filling a shoe box for Samaritan's Purse.  We haven't done that in a while, but I think that's something Nathan would have fun with - picking out goodies for another child.  Actually, all the boys would enjoy it!

We've done this twice when the gmen were younger, and I'm thinking of doing it again with Nathan.  Adopt a Troop was a fun thing to do, sending goodies, necessities and notes from the boys. 

And here's something I did today while at the local craft show with my MIL and DJ - One of the booths had this adorable stuffed puppy, Woofi, The Missionary PuppyBasically, with a $20 donation, you receive a Woofi to keep and one is given to a needy child - win win!  I'm happy to say that all three of us bought one, so three are being donated!  We even get to write a little something on a postcard that will go with it.  I also bought her book, The Key To A Christmas Miracle, which she signed for Nathan. 

SO, my challenge to you is... how have you or how will you pay it forward?  I'd love to hear what you do or even what's been done for you.  It doesn't even have to cost anything, maybe just a little bit of your time. 

Come Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow me.
Whither shall I follow, follow, follow,
Whither shall I follow, follow thee?
To the greenwood, to the greenwood, to the greenwood follow me.
Traditional English Round
And what's in it for you?  How about a gift certificate to a stitchy or craft store?! 

I'll wait until after Thanksgiving to pick a winner - so let me know what you've done by commenting on this post and have fun paying it forward!  If I get enough comments, I'm sure I'll get lots of comments so I'll post another blog showing what everyone's been doing.  Of course it would be nice to see it on your blog too!


Mouse said...

ooo well I think I will get huge brownie points heheheh .. I have paid it forward in many ways but the biggest one was making the biscornu quilt for DJ .. now that was a huge chunk of love put into that and not just me either ...I try and do stuff for folks that they will appreciate even if its just taking them down to the shops to get some heavy shopping etc ... also done some charity stitching as well .. sooo halo is on (but still a wee bit wonky ) :) love mouse xxxx

Penny said...

I find that I think about paying it forward many times but don't act on it enough. This year we have made plans to adopt a needy family at Christmas and really want to try and carry it on through the year.

DJ said...

Hi Astrid! I enjoyed stitching with you today!! My "pay it forward" was to buy a cross stitch magazine that is not available in the UK and send it to a lady who requested one in a group I belong to, when asked how I would like to be compensated, I told her to "pay it forward". I also think the Woofi dog is another way of giving (see my blog). I love your idea!! Can't wait to get started on our SAL!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Without going into too many details, several years ago there was a family disaster and I received some great help from friends and counselling. When I was ready I saw an advert for a telephone helpline volunteers so I did. I "worked" on the helpline for 3 years, giving back. They were always surprised I worked full-time and still did voluntary work too!
When my son was born I was on benefits for 4 years so again I volunteered, this time to run a group and also write a newsletter for another group.
I still can't give much money to charity but I can and do give my time. Spent this week photocopying 700 pages for the school PTA!
I think everyone should do some voluntary work, it doesn't have to be much. One lady always brings the milk to our group. It's only a small thing but I know I can rely on her and it's one less thing to worry about!
I'll be watching this post with interest to see everyone's replies! Great idea of your's.

Danielle said...

Astrid, so great to see you and your family donating to those in need! I give to Goodwill quite a bit and also shop in the various ones around tow, and I always donate 2 dollars or so each time I visit Petco or Petsmart. To me, pets are most in need as they cannot help themselves at all, you know? And it just breaks my heart to see pets abused or neglected. I have also done a lot of giveaways on my blog in the last two years. Giving to other stitchers has always been a great joy of mine, as I know not everyone is blessed to be able to go out and get a pattern or fabric or floss whenever they like.

Parsley said...

I missed this post at first but I'd love to share our tradition with you all.

My family makes a habit of PIF. At Christmas we like playing 'secret Santa' and leaving gifts on STRANGER'S porches. This year we bought blankets to share with homeless or to leave on 'needy looking' doorsteps.

This has blessed us BIG and my DD's friends liked the idea so much, they too are being 'secret Santas'.

Astrid's dragon said...

Love to hear how everyone does something different! I'll be picking a name tonight...