Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gifts and Fun Tuesday!

Today was a day for receiving and giving.  I received this wonderful booklet from Jo, from her Grow Your Blog Party give-a-way.  There are so many cute things in there, I just need to make the time to stitch some.  Thanks so much, Jo, I love it!
And for the giving, I finally went to the post office today to post everything I needed to.  So for those of you who are expecting something from me, it's coming! 
As for the Poopy Pattern, guess what I found OUTSIDE the litter box yesterday?!

  Today Nathan had his belt test for this purple belt.

 He did it!  Here he is with his big brothers.  They took a break from their homework to watch, such a hardship for them.

 Did you know, it's Fat Tuesday!  I was going to make a King Cake, but totally forgot and ended up buying one at store.  It wasn't very good, so I'll have to remember next year so I can make my own.


Nicola said...

Now what is a King Cahe?

Well done Nathan.

Kerryp77 said...

Well done to your son, great win, the chart book has some lovely designs in it

DJ said...

Congratulations, Nathan!! Happy Fat Tuesday (a day late) So happy for you that you won the giveaway!! Hope to catch up with you soon!! As for the "Poopy" giveaway...so glad I didn't even sign up for it!! LOL *Hugs*

Linda said...

Oh no Astrid. Don't tell me that. lol


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad you like the booklet.

Catching up with blog reading today.