Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Welcome and Pinterest Apple Pie

A warm dragon welcome is long overdue to those who have chosen to follow me down the crazy blogging path!  So glad you decided to join in on the fun.  If I've missed taking a peek and following your blog, please let me know.  It looks like some of you don't have a blog, but maybe you do and I missed it?
Gammy said she was going to make dinner tonight while we were watching the Redskins game, so I was on for dessert.  I asked the boys what they wanted and Garrett decided on apple pie.  I was originally being lazy and asked him if apples from a can would be okay - that would be a no!  So this is the recipe I found on Pinterest, Grandma Ople's Apple Pie.  And he did redeem himself in the kitchen, he used the apple peeler/corer/slicer on all the apples and helped with the "sauce".
*My take on Grandma Ople's Apple Pie?  Delish, it's a keeper!  I changed it up a bit after reading some of the comments - adding cinnamon/sugar to the apples before putting them in the pie pan and instead of a lattice topping, I cut out footballs with a cookie cutter and placed them on top.  The "sauce" made the footballs nice and crunchy!

*Others take on the apple pie?  Well, I think it's almost gone!  Garrett had two pieces and Gammy really liked it too.

  *Would I make it again?  Oh, yes!  I don't think I'd do the lattice at all, I'll use whatever cookie cutter suits the event instead.


Shanda said...

I have never in my life made an apple pie, even though I do like them. I will have to maybe try this recipe, but yeah, no lattice for me either and store bought pie crust would have to make due :) But I wouldn't mind doing it with real apples, that would just make it something not done often, which probably shouldn't be as I'm probably the only one who would eat it in this house!

Mii Stitch said...

That apple pie looks yummy!!! Any cake with apple will do for me :) Well, any cake really :P Have a lovely day, Mii

Nicola said...

Cinnamon sugar is a lovely adtion to an aple pie.

Anonymous said...

The apple pie looks delicious! Sorry to hear about the Redskins. I hope his leg heals properly and didn't cause any long term damage. I hope the Redskins come back next year and beat them all!

Thanks for sharing the recipe.


Mouse said...

oooo hope there is enough left for a wee mouse ... looks scrummy and I love cinnamon ...have you tried brown sugar as that makes things nice and crunchy too
love mouse xxxxx

DJ said...

Looks wonderful...maybe I'll have to invent a get together so you can make one to bring? What? No stitching? LOL!!