Wednesday, 20 June 2012

June TUSAL, Hermitting and a BDay!

Not much to show for this month, a bit of glitter green from the pumpkin stems is about it.  My glass is next to the new Swarovski dragon I received from my mother-out-law for my birthday - it's it fantastic?!  Even though I've been trying to get rid of clutter in the house, I could never have enough dragons!

As for my IHSW, I didn't get anything done, but I did pull out my TOT Fairy to show my SIL- does that count?!  I did buy some new patterns though.  I saw Glory while at the Woodlawn Needlework exhibit (more on that on my next post).  Unfortunately, they didn't have the pattern at the nearby store, but Denise was sweet enough to let me know about Lynn's Busy Needle.  She was very friendly and super quick - I actually need to send her an email thanking her!
 I also found Let's Sew, which I can think of a couple people to make this for - you know, in my spare time!

The gmen actually made my birthday cake this year, and did a great job!  I decided I wanted something other than a lemon cake, so I chose chocolate/orange instead... yummy!  The icing was very just a little runny, but very tasty orange flavoured.

  I was very blessed to have friends and family join me throughout the day, so nice to have it on a Saturday!  Old friends and a stitchy friend, can you spot DJ?!
Not sure how next year is going to work, my birthday will be on Father's Day - guess the boys will be pretty busy spoiling us both!


Stitching Noni said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a wonderful day. The kids did a great job with the cake ;0)
I love your new dragon - I have drooled over that dragon in the shop & seeing as I was born in the year of the dragon I reckon hubby should give me one for my birthday.... ;0). ORT's look great too!

Parsley said...


What fun stitchy projects. I love Bent Creek patterns, don't you?!

DJ said...

My whole family enjoyed your birthday, Astrid, I'm honored you invited us! Loved your dragon!! And I agree, you can never have enough of them! Tell the G-men they did a great job on the cake, it was definitely yummy!! Maybe they can give my Mr. B cooking lessons!

Valentina said...

Happy Birthday!!!