Friday, 20 May 2011

16th Wedding Anniversary!


16 years ago today, Paul and I exchanged those rings and walked down the aisle!  After almost five long years of dating, it finally happened!  Sometimes it feels like forever, other times it feels like yesterday.

This picture was taken after Paul ran to get me a chair because I felt like I was about to pass out from standing so much that day - my hero!  (I'm sure the champagne had nothing to do with it!)
And sometimes, you just have to have fun!  I love the candid shots, you never know what you're going to get.  It's nice to have the formal pictures, but I do love the goofy ones!

Saving the best for last - out the door, onto the honeymoon!  Wish I could say it's been a honeymoon ever since, but we live in the real world where life gets in the way.  But I wouldn't change anything well maybe a thing or two, and feel so blessed to be where I am.  Would I like a new house with new stuff... sure, but it's just stuff and if this is where we need to be, I'll go with it - we might just have to spruce up a few things!

Last night was not a good night, let's just say someone wasn't using their better judgment (and it wasn't me!)   This is where communication is so important and I'm hoping to have a better evening tonight.  Now I just have to get through the day and let it go - which is hard for me.  Maybe we should just skip the anniversary stuff and enjoy it every day!  

I wish I had a wedding sampler to show, but alas, I have none.  I have been searching for years to find just the right one, but haven't found it yet.  Do I want flowers, cute animals, wedding words, one of our pictures... I just don't know.  Any thoughts or fabulous websites anyone can direct me to?  Not like I don't have enough projects to work on, but what an incentive to get them all finished!


DJ said...

Happy Anniversary, Astrid! (and Paul too of course!) I hope you have a better night...and that you are spoiled on your special day. It's not always starlight and roses, but when those moments happen, cherish them and remember them on the down days. See you next week! *Hugs*

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Happy Anniversary!

My cousin's wife stitched our wedding sampler totally unbeknownst to me! She was a little nervous about giving it to me but I loved it.
I intended to stitch the Teresa Wentzler one for us. I also like this one:
In fact Jannlynn do some great ones!