Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Thirty Days of Being Thankful - Day 6

Day 6
I am thankful for Shine FM!
You can LISTEN LIVE! by clicking on the button on the left side on their website.

They play Christian music and I love it!  I have been fortunate enough to volunteer there and was able to go today to help with a mailing.  Tina and Vicki are just wonderful and I get to meet other listeners who are there too. 

Even though I came late (can't believe I got lost!), we labeled, folded cards, stuffed envelopes, sealed and stamped close to 1000 cards.  The goal was to finish by 2pm, and we had about two minutes to spare, what timing!

 A very sad situation happened with a boy at the gmen's school yesterday, a 9th grader committed suicide last evening.  No other details, but when I told the ladies about it, Tina suggested we pray for him and his family.  Just another reason I'm thankful for this radio station and the people who work there.



cucki said...

Sweet x

Julie said...

Local radio stations are invaluable to a community. Such sad news about the young person, life is so precious.